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A Farewell from Karina Yan Glaser, Books about the Marathon, and More!

Dear Kid Lit Friends,

After nearly 400 newsletters, it is time for me to bid you farewell. I have loved originating this newsletter, back when the first send was just a few dozen subscribers. Now, it has grown to over 30,000, and I’m grateful for all the ways this community has grown and flourished. I have loved shouting out books and authors and teachers and librarians and curating book lists (so many book lists!). For now, I leave this newsletter in the amazing hands of Margaret Kingsbury. She has been bringing such wonderful content to you all, and I’m grateful for her expertise and passion.

This newsletter is coming out on the day of the New York City Marathon, which I am running in! If you’re reading this between 11 AM and 3:30 PM ET, I will most likely be in the middle of the race and could use all of your good thoughts. I’ve been training for this race for the past year, and it feels a bit surreal that the big day is finally here. I’ve run in snow and pouring rain and beautiful spring mornings and humid summer heat waves. I think running a marathon is a lot like writing a book. It’s tough, requires patience and stamina and perseverance, and it’s a long process. I don’t have a race completion time in mind — I simply want to make it across the finish line! Today’s book list focuses on books about the marathon, but first…let’s look at this super cute mobile and some new releases!

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Bookish Goods

Children's Book Mobile with stars

Vintage Children’s Book Mobile by MaisyandAlice

I love this star mobile featuring pages from a vintage children’s book. A perfect gift for a book-loving family! $45

New Releases

Best Wishes Time After Time cover

Best Wishes: Time After Time by Sarah Mlynowski and Christina Soontornvat

In this magical series, a bracelet gets circulated between friends and grants any wish. In this third book, Lucy Usathorn of Fort Worth, Texas, is excited to visit the Museum of Natural History, where her father works. Unfortunately, the chaperone is Ms. Brock, the strict school librarian. Even more, unfortunately, her father is dating the aforementioned librarian. And most unfortunately, he proposes to Ms. Brock during the field trip. Lucy is horrified, and when she receives the magic bracelet, she makes a wish to redo the day and prevent the proposal. But things get out of hand, as they do with this wish-granting bracelet…

The Last Kids on Earth and the Monster Dimension cover

The Last Kids on Earth and the Monster Dimension by Max Brallier, illustrated by Doug Holgate

This bestselling series is back with the ninth book: The Last Kids on Earth and the Monster Dimension! Chaos ensues in this captivating series. Jack discovers that his Cosmic Hand is now even more powerful than he realized, and it might just be able to stop the inevitable from happening. But to save the world, he needs to go to the monster dimension!

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Riot Recommendations

And here are the marathon book recommendations!

Ready, Set, Run! cover

Ready, Set, Run!: The Amazing New York City Marathon by Leslie Kimmelman, illustrations by Jessie Hartland

This fun book shows runners all over the world training and getting ready for one of the biggest races in the world: The New York City Marathon! I love how it shows the diversity of the runners and the details of the challenging and iconic route.

Fauna Singh Keeps Going cover

Fauja Singh Keeps Going by Simran Jeet Singh, illustrations by Baljinder Kaur

This incredibly inspiring book follows marathon runner Fauja Singh, the first person over the age of 100 to complete the marathon! After a lifetime of working hard, Fauja Singh decided to run a marathon at the age of 81. He continued to run and break records everywhere!

Daughter of the Light Footed People cover

Daughter of the Light-Footed People by Belen Medina, illustrated by Natalia Rojas Castro (June 2024, Atheneum)

Even though this book won’t publish until next summer, I wanted to highlight it because of its gorgeous illustrations and wonderful story. Indigenous athlete Lorena Ramírez runs in the traditional clothes of the Rarámuri, “the light-footed people,” rather than embracing the newest running trends and high-tech gear. I can’t wait to read this book when it comes out!

Her Fearless Run cover

Her Fearless Run by Kim Chaffee, illustrations by Ellen Rooney

Kathrine Switzer was the first registered female runner for the Boston Marathon, and this book follows her childhood to her historic race in 1967. She defied conventions and experienced backlash for running in a race considered for men only, paving the way for women everywhere to participate in this race.

A tri-color corgi sleeping with one arm over the author's computer

Keep in touch with me!

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Much love to you all, and most of all, happy reading!


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Books about India, Temporary Book Tattoos, and More!

Hi Kid Lit Friends,

Sometimes, I create book lists based on a new book that has come across my desk, and that is the case for this week’s newsletter. A gorgeous book called My Incredible India arrived in my book mail, and I knew I wanted to talk about it and build my book recommendations around it.

But first…autumn is here! The leaves are changing in Central Park, and I am loving my runs these days because I get to look at all the gorgeous trees. The changing weather also makes me want to curl up with a hot drink and a blanket and read. If you want help finding the perfect books for your cool weather reading, Book Riot’s TBR can help you find the perfect books, with options curated to your specific reading tastes. Check it out here!

Bookish Goods

Temporary tattoo with open book and flowers emerging from the inside

Bookish Temporary Tattoo by LunaAndRoseStudio

Temporary tattoos never go out of style, according to my teenager who always begs me for them. These bookish tattoos are adorable and a great way to show your love for the written word. $5

New Releases

Boyogi cover

Boyogi: How a Wounded Family Learned to Heal by David Barclay Moore, illustrated by Noa Denmon

I really loved this sensitive, hopeful book about a family welcoming back a father returning from military service. When Butta Bean’s father comes home, he is different — withdrawn and isolated. But through ongoing yoga sessions at the local YMCA, his father finds healing and a path forward with his son at his side.

Full Moon Pups cover

Full Moon Pups by Liz Garton Scanlon, illustrated by Chuck Groenink

This was a beautiful peek into the lives of a litter of pups growing up in the wild. They are born under a full moon, and over the next month, they explore the world around them, waiting for the night when they can yip at the full moon themselves.

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Riot Recommendations

And here we go, some wonderful children’s books about India!

My Incredible India cover

My Incredible India by Jasbinder Bilan, illustrated by Nina Chakrabarti

In this beautifully illustrated and informative book, readers are treated to a broad view of a vast and diverse country. It highlights certain geographical areas as well as places of interest, like the Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Udaipur’s Lake Palace, and the Chandigarh Rock Garden.

Ahimsa cover

Ahimsa by Supriya Kelkar

This historical fiction novel follows Anjali and her family in the 1940s after Gandhi asked each family to give one family member to the freedom movement. Her mother joins, and the family all makes sacrifices to stand up to the British government. It is a beautiful and eye-opening book that reveals the cost of colonization and the will of the people to regain control of their land and culture.

Festival of Colors cover

Festival of Colors by Surishtha Sehgal and Kabir Sehgal, illustrations by Vashti Harrison

This beautifully illustrated book by one of my favorite artists is a celebration of Holi, the Indian Festival of Colors. Two siblings collect flowers to make into colorful powders as they look to celebrate fresh starts, friendship, and forgiveness.

Namaste is a Greeting cover

Namaste is a Greeting by Suma Subramaniam, illustrations by Sandhya Prabhat

I love this sweet book that explores the many meanings of the word “namaste.” A young girl finds that the richness of the word extends out into her city, through greetings but also through loving the world and sharing kindnesses.

Tri-color corgi and orange cat sitting next to each other

What are you reading these days?

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Happy reading!


The Kids Are All Right

Children’s Books Centered Around Food, New Releases, and More!

Hi, Kid Lit Friends!

With all the news and war going on in the world, it is so hard to know what to say or feel. My kids and I frequently have conversations about what we read about in the news. Now that they are teenagers, they read the paper daily and have lots of questions about so many things. I am thinking about and sending love to all of the many people in this world who are suffering because of acts of war and terrorism.

One of my big comforts in difficult times is food: reading about food from many cultures, preparing food, and sharing food. Later on in this newsletter, I share some of my favorite children’s books on this topic.

Bookish Goods

Purple tee with ghost reading a book

Booooks T-Shirt by DaisyApparelArt

Get into the spooky spirit by wearing this adorable, bookish ghost tee. Better yet, wear this tee while reading Remy Lai’s new graphic novel, Ghost Book! $8+

New Releases

Watership Down Graphic Novel cover

Watership Down: The Graphic Novel by Richard Adams, adapted by James Sturm and illustrated by Joe Sutphin

This gorgeously illustrated graphic novel will be sure to delight fans of the classic as well as bring in new enthusiasts. I can’t wait for young readers to be introduced to this epic tale of rabbit adventure, perseverance, and bravery.

Cover of Vlad, the Fabulous Vampire by Drago

Vlad, the Fabulous Vampire by Flavia Z. Drago

I always love Flavia’s picture books, but this one is particularly delightful. Vlad is a vampire who wants to fit in. Who doesn’t? So he always wears black, but what he really wants to wear is PINK! Fashion is his passion, after all. But will people still like him if he reveals who he really is?

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations — Food Edition

Two New Years cover

Two New Years by Richard Ho, illustrated by Lynn Scurfield

This beautiful picture book follows a family who celebrates two New Years: Rosh Hashanah in the fall and Lunar New Year in the spring. The book is so beautifully written. My favorite spread has these two sentences: “They represent different peoples with different histories, cultures, and traditions. But in many ways, they are also alike.” The book continues to share the many similarities between the two New Year celebrations, including the different foods they eat.

Masala Chai, Fast and Slow cover

Masala Chai, Fast and Slow by Rajani LaRocca, illustrations by Neha Rawat

I spent a couple of weeks in India back in early 2000, and I remember vividly the chai tea that I purchased daily from train platforms and street vendors. Reading this book brought me back to that delicious, fragrant tea. In this story, a young boy loves to do things fast, fast, fast! And his grandfather tends to do things slow, slow, slow — including making masala chai. Can Aarav learn to slow down so he can make tea as delicious as his grandfather does?

Chinese Menu cover

Chinese Menu: The History, Myths, and Legends Behind Your Favorite Foods by Grace Lin

In this mouthwatering book, Grace Lin creates an epic collection of stories behind fabulous Chinese dishes! Earlier this year, I joined Grace for a meal at Peking Duck House with some fellow authors and our editor, and she entertained us with all the stories behind what we were eating. This illustrated full-color book is a real treat!

Bilal Cooks Daal cover

Bilal Cooks Daal by Aisha Saeed, illustrated by Anoosha Syed

Bilal can’t wait to introduce his friends to his favorite food: daal! But as he helps prepare the food, he begins to question whether his friends will like it as much as he does…

Orange cat and tri-color corgi hanging out

What are you reading these days?

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Autumn is here, which means it’s time to curl up with a great read and get cozy — whatever your version of cozy looks like. Whether it’s romance, creepy reads, modern classics, or escapist reads you crave, TBR can help you find the perfect books for your fall reading, with options curated to your specific reading tastes. For more information, click here!

Happy reading!


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Children’s Books About Wildfires, a Halloween Book Tote, and More!

Hi Kid Lit Friends,

Last weekend, I was at the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival in New York, a wonderful outdoor event that went forward despite the horrible flooding we had in the region the day before. (I had an author visit at a school and then got stuck in midtown after the subway was shut down!)

Book festivals are amazing places to meet your favorite authors, ask your questions, and get your books signed. The most popular times for book festivals are the fall and the spring, so do a quick search to see if there are any happening in your area!

Bookish Goods

Tote with an image of a ghost reading a book

Halloween Book Tote by BlissfulBoutiqueUsa

Where are my Halloween people at? I’m already looking forward to giving out books to trick-or-treaters! $12+

New Releases

Kin cover

Kin: Rooted in Hope by Carole Boston Weatherford, art by Jeffery Boston Weatherford

This middle grade book tells a personal story of Carole and Jeffery’s family tree, a history shaped by enslavement and freedom. With Carole’s stunning verse paired with her son’s incredible etchings, this book is essential reading.

Dory Fantasmagory cover

Dory Fantasmagory: Can’t Live Without You by Abby Hanlon

I am a huge fan of this fantastic series! This is the 6th book, and Dory is back and up to all of her shenanigans. In this installment, Dory is facing separation anxiety. She deals with it by throwing a sheet over her head and “haunting” her family to make sure they never leave her.

For a more comprehensive list, check out our New Books newsletter

Riot Recommendations

With the global climate crisis creating a preponderance of wildfires, I thought I would highlight some books with these themes.

They Hold the Line cover

They Hold the Line: Wildfires, Wildlands, and the Firefighters Who Brave Them by Dan Paley, illustrated by Molly Medoza

This carefully researched picture book highlights the work of the highly trained first responders who manage the health of our forests and fight fires during the ever-increasing length of fire season.

Wombat Underground cover

Wombat Underground: A Wildfire Survival Story by Sarah L. Thomson, illustrated by Charles Santoso

When forest fires plagued Australia in 2019 and 2020, over three billion animals were threatened. Wombats (who we must agree are the CUTEST) shared their deep burrows with other animals while the fires raged. This picture book shows how a wombat saves a skink, an echidna, and a wallaby and her baby.

The Fire, the Water, and Maudie McGinn cover

The Fire, the Water, and Maudie McGinn by Sally J. Pla

This middle grade novel follows Maudie and her dad, who have to move after fires force them to relocate to a beach town. I always love Sally’s books (have you read The Someday Birds?), and I admire her ability to weave relatable middle school emotions into her stories.

Paradise on Fire cover

Paradise on Fire by Jewell Parker Rhodes

In this stirring middle grade book, Addy is traumatized by a fire that killed her parents. After years of being raised by her grandmother, she is sent off to a summer camp in the wilderness. When the campers find themself in the midst of a forest fire, they have to work together to survive.

Tri-color corgi with The Vanderbeekers Ever After

What are you reading these days?

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You might have heard that my final book in the Vanderbeeker series, The Vanderbeekers Ever After is out now! Lalo is proud to have inspired a part of this book.

Autumn is here, which means it’s time to curl up with a great read and get cozy — whatever your version of cozy looks like. Whether it’s romance, creepy reads, modern classics, or escapist reads you crave, TBR can help you find the perfect books for your fall reading, with options curated to your specific reading tastes.

Happy reading!


The Kids Are All Right

Back from Book Tour, New Releases, and More!

Hi Kid Lit friends!

I am back! Many thanks to Margaret for covering many of my Sunday newsletters over the past few months. My book tour for The Vanderbeekers Ever After was wonderful! I visited thousands of readers in Denver, Chicago, Baltimore, Winston-Salem, and New York City. I met fabulous librarians, generous booksellers, and so many enthusiastic kids. My heart is full!

Many people in a bookstore holding up Vanderbeeker books
Such a fun book launch event at Books of Wonder in New York City!
Two people gesturing to a school billboard that says Powhatan Celebrates Author Karina Yan Glaser
I’m on the school sign! Author goal achieved!
Author Karina Yan Glaser with Vanderbeeker books
Signing books at The Bookies Bookstore in Denver!

Bookish Goods

Purple candle that says Stephen King's Study

Stephen King’s Study Candle by NubbleLightCandle

It’s October, which means candle season! This is a perfect one for book lovers. Does it really smell like Stephen King’s Study? Check it out and see what you think! $22+

New Releases

Harlem at Four cover

Harlem at Four by Dr. Michael Datcher, illustrated by Frank Morrison

This beautiful picture book tells two stories: one of a young girl named Harlem, and one of the neighborhood Harlem in the early 1900s. This is a book that celebrates a neighborhood and all the people who are a part of it.

Dragon's First Taco cover

Dragon’s First Taco by Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri

In this adorable board book shaped like a taco, a young dragon has his first taco. There are so many delicious things to put inside of it! It’s never too early to introduce tacos (one of my favorite foods!) to young readers!

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

This list is inspired by The Artivist, a new book that celebrates art and activism!

The Artivist cover

The Artivist by Nikkolas Smith

One of my favorite things to do when visiting a new city is look at the murals that adorn the sides of buildings. Many murals are a result of an activist looking to share about a cause that is dear to them, and that is what this picture book is all about. A young boy combines his art with activism in this beautifully illustrated book.

A Life Made By Hand cover

A Life Made by Hand: The Story of Ruth Asawa by Andrea D’Aquino

Ruth Asawa’s legacy is everywhere. The USPS recently issued gorgeous stamps featuring her intricate wire sculptures. The Whitney Museum of American Art has an exhibit of her drawings. Ruth Asawa grew up in California, but her family was forced to leave their home in 1942 as part of the U.S. government’s World War II isolation policies toward Japanese Americans. She found support among the other artists during her internment and went on to have a large family of her own and continued to create stunning sculptures throughout her life.

Silent Days, Silent Dreams cover

Silent Days, Silent Dreams by Allen Say

In 1899, a baby boy was born on a farm in Idaho. His parents named him James Castle. He was deaf, mute, autistic, and probably dyslexic. Caldecott Medalist Allen Say reimagines James’s boyhood in this stunning picture book, revealing all the challenges he overcame as he pursued his art. Ultimately, James Castle had his artwork displayed in major museums around the world.

Unbound cover

Unbound: The Life and Art of Judith Scott by Joyce Scott and Brie Spangler, illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Judith Scott was born with Down syndrome, and her childhood was marked by creating stunning art. She was ultimately institutionalized until her sister became an adult and fought to have Judith live with her. Even though Judith was deaf and never learned to speak, she went on to become an artist of renown, with her work displayed in museums and galleries around the world.

Corgi and black and white cat napping next to each other

What are you reading these days?

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Autumn is here, which means it’s time to curl up with a great read and get cozy — whatever your version of cozy looks like. Whether it’s romance, creepy reads, modern classics, or escapist reads you crave, TBR can help you find the perfect books for your fall reading, with options curated to your specific reading tastes. For more information, click here!

Happy reading!


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Books About Libraries, Book Socks, and More!

Hi Kid Lit Friends!

It’s so nice to be back with you all after my family vacation to Montreal! Many thanks to Margaret for filling in for me with her great content! Also, Montreal is BEAUTIFUL. It’s filled with balconies and trees and flowers, and it is basically my dream city. I stopped into every bookstore we passed by, and while many of them sold books in French only, I still enjoyed myself immensely. I even bought two children’s books in French! Why I felt compelled to own these books, I have no idea. I don’t speak French at all, but I definitely want to learn. It’s a beautiful language. Here is one of the books I purchased — I mean, how could I resist?

La vie miserable des vers de terre cover

Bookish Goods

Books socks and the bottoms say So Little Books So Little Time

Book Socks by 2troubleboys

As the weather thinks about cooling down in the northern hemisphere, my thoughts turn to warm mugs of tea and throw blankets and cozy socks! I love these socks with messages on the bottom. $13

New Releases

Make Makes a Birthday Treat cover

Makeda Makes a Birthday Treat by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, illustrations by Lydia Mba

I am a sucker for early readers, and this new series by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, with illustrations by Lydia Mba, is ADORABLE. I mean, the cover! I think that time when young people learn to read is so magical, and I am so glad this new series is out in the world.

Tiger Daughter cover

Tiger Daughter by Rebecca Lim

After getting back from Montreal, I was afflicted with the post-vacation curse. When I got home, I felt a huge need to declutter. I’ve accumulated so many children’s books from working at Book Riot for the last nine years, and my bookshelves were a *little* out of control. I went through all my books and pulled out close to 700 children’s books to give away. I posted a note on my Instagram Stories to see if anyone wanted them, and I’ve given away so many bags already to teachers and a homeschooling co-op. This is related to a new release, I promise! In my book purge, I found a book I had meant to read. Tiger Daughter, while not necessarily new, was published in 2021. Set in Australia, it’s about Wen Zhou, the daughter of Chinese migrant parents, and the expectations her family has for her. I’m glad I pulled it off my bookshelf to read!

For a more comprehensive list, check out our New Books newsletter.

Riot Recommendations

I know I’ve shared books about libraries so many times before, but I can’t help it! With so many libraries and librarians under attack these days, I think we need to give them as much love as possible.

The Lost Library cover

The Lost Library by Rebecca Stead and Wendy Mass

In this fantastic, genre-bending middle-grade book, a Little Free Library sprouts up in the sleepy town of Martinville. When 11-year-old Evan plucks two books from the library, everything changes. The story is told in three voices, each in a different genre. It is a ghost story, an animal story, and a mystery, all wrapped up into one.

A Library cover

A Library by Nikki Giovanni, illustrations by Erin K. Robinson

This stunning picture book is a love letter to libraries. With Nikki Giovanni’s gorgeous poetic verse, she brings to life the importance that libraries hold for so many different people in a community. The illustrations are luminous!

Love in the Library cover

Love in the Library by Maggie Tokuda-Hall, illustrations by Yas Imamura

Last year I saw this picture book on so many Mock Newbery Club lists, and when I read it I immediately knew why. It’s a beautiful story of perseverance and strength in the midst of unimaginable hardship and humiliation. When Tama is sent to an incarceration camp in the desert following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, she finds solace working at the tiny library. But she’s not the only one in the library day after day. George is there too, his arms filled with books, and their friendship grows and blossoms.

Interior of the children's section of a Montreal bookstore

What are you reading these days?

Let me know! Find me on X at  @KarinaYanGlaser, on Instagram at @KarinaIsReadingAndWriting, or email me at

The photo to the left is the children’s section of one of the Montreal bookstores I visited. It’s so cheerful and happy!

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Happy reading!


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Books about Food Waste, the Cutest Kindle Protector, and More!

Hi, Kid Lit Friends!

I am writing this newsletter in advance, because by the time this lands in your inbox, I will be on our summer vacation in Montreal, Canada. If you’re familiar with the area, please let me know if you have any recommendations for us! My contact information is in the signature 🙂

This summer has flown by. My kids are back from summer camp, and it’s hard to believe that another school year will be beginning soon. I wonder what the year will have in store for us.

Bookish Goods

Green Kindle Cover with a cocker spaniel stitched on it

Cocker Spaniel Kindle Case by LoobieandBoo

Originally I was going to post the Kindle cover with the corgi on it, but then I had to buy it so it is now unavailable. Sorry! But this cute shop has many different dogs available, including this adorable cocker spaniel, as well as a dachshund, greyhound, English bulldog, and chocolate lab. $40.

New Releases

Barely Floating cover

Barely Floating by Lilliam Rivera

I have loved all the recent books about swimming, and this one is another terrific one. Twelve-year-old Nat loves spending her time in her local pool. Then she sees the L.A. Mermaids, a synchronized swimming group, and she knows that this is what she wants to do. After secretly trying out and making the team, Nat falls in love with synchronized swimming. But it’s hard to hide this new big thing from her family, and the expensive dues are adding up. Can Nat figure out how to keep this new dream alive?

Ready, Set, Run cover

Ready, Set, Run!: The Amazing New York City Marathon by Leslie Kimmelman, illustrations by Jessie Hartland

This fantastic picture book about the New York City marathon is so fun! As someone who is going to run the NYC marathon this November (gulp!), I found this book a wonderful primer about the route and what to expect.

For more new releases, check out our New Books newsletter!

Riot Recommendations

In New York City, we have seen an influx of orange compost bins that are unlocked via an app and powered by solar energy. I love them. There is one a few blocks away from us, and it’s such a great and easy place to take our food waste. And that brings us to some great books about food waste, and what we can do about it.

Perfectly Good Food cover

Perfectly Good Food: A Totally Achievable Zero Waste Approach to Home Cooking by Margaret Li and Irene Li

This is not a book specifically for children, but the fun illustrations will interest kids and the recipes and ideas are great for families to check out. With 80 recipes, this is a great place to begin if you’re looking to reduce food waste and use up foods lingering in your refrigerator.

Total Garbage cover

Total Garbage by Rebecca Donnelly, illustrations by John Hendrix

I love this book that analyzes the history of garbage, answering questions such as:

What is garbage?
Where does our garbage come from?
Why do we make so much garbage?
Where does our garbage go?
What can we learn from our garbage?
How bad is our garbage problem?
How can we do better?

This is a great book that provokes discussion around an issue that everyone must confront as we consider what to do with the enormous cost of garbage on our world.

What a Waste cover

What a Waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting Our Planet by Jess French

This is a wonderful primer about trash in general, including the impacts of trash on our world. Did you know about the floating mass of trash the size of the United States in the Pacific Ocean? Have you ever considered how long it takes for a toothbrush to decompose? (Spoiler alert: every single one of the plastic toothbrushes ever made still exists.)

We Are All Connected cover

We Are All Connected: Caring for Each Other and the Earth by Gabi Garcia, illustrated by Natalia Jimenez Osorio

This lovely picture book brings it all back to how we can care for one another and for the earth. It is a beautiful reminder that we are responsible for the fate of the earth and that we all have a role in making the world a more beautiful place.

Tri-color corgi sleeping on back

What are you reading these days?

Let me know! Find me on X at @KarinaYanGlaser, on Instagram at @KarinaIsReadingAndWriting, or email me at

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Happy reading!


The Kids Are All Right

Great Nonfiction, Sunflowers, and More!

Hello kid lit friends!

Happy August to all of you! Have you been watching the World Cup obsessively, or is that just me? Yes, I did wake up to watch the USA play Portugal at 3 a.m. ET…

Margaret has been covering some of my Sunday newsletters lately, and I love all the lists she’s put together with disability representation. I’m grateful for her filling in for me and for giving me more books to put on my TBR list!

When this newsletter hits your inboxes, I’ll be attending my older daughter’s final summer camp concerts and bringing her home. It’s incredible how time goes by so quickly. She will be entering her sophomore year of high school this fall. When I first started writing for Book Riot in 2015, she was 8 years old and in the 3rd grade. It’s a lot to process!

Bookish Goods

Book stamp with sunflower design

Sunflower Book Stamp by DelightfulStamps shop

It’s the season of sunflowers, and what better way to celebrate than to personalize your book collection with this cheerful stamp! $22+

New Releases

Loujain Dreams of Sunflowers cover

Loujain Dreams of Sunflowers by Lina Al-Hathloul and Uma Mishra-Newbery, illustrated by Rebecca Green

Loujain is growing up in a place where she can’t do everything that her Baba does. While he straps on his wings each morning and flies off, she can only imagine the sunflowers he flies over. But Loujain wants to fly, too, and she needs to convince someone to teach her so she can see the sunflowers with her own two eyes.

Abby in Neverland cover

Abby in Neverland by Sarah Mlynowski

Abby and Jonah are back in this special edition of The New York Times bestselling Whatever After series! This time, Tinkerbell makes a visit and takes Jonah and his friends off to Neverland to be Lost Boys. It’s up to Abby to bring them back before it’s too late!

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Riot Recommendations

You all know how much I love animals, and how much I love nonfiction! Check these wonderful books out.

Mother of Sharks cover

Mother of Sharks by Melissa Cristina Márquez, illustrated by Devin Elle Kurtz

Globally renowned shark scientist Melissa Cristina Márquez recounts her childhood growing up in Puerto Rico, where she spent her days on the beach. Tide pools fascinate her, and then one day, Jaiba, a crab, invites her to join him on an underwater adventure where she learns the importance of shark conservation, setting her off on a lifelong journey as Mother of Sharks.

Animal Architects cover

Animal Architects by Amy Cherrix, illustrated by Chris Sasaki

I love Chris Sasaki’s illustrations, and his books are always an auto-buy for me. In this wonderful book, I learned so much about how animals construct the most incredible structures.

Saving H'Non cover

Saving H’Non: Chang and the Elephant by Trang Nguyen and Jeet Zdung

This graphic novel doesn’t release until October 3, but I wanted to get it on your radar now because it’s so good! The illustrations are luminous and gorgeous. Written by a Vietnamese wildlife conservationist, environmental activist, and writer, known for tackling the illegal wildlife trade in Africa and Asia, this book follows Chang, who rescues an injured and abused elephant named H’Non. But can she find someone who can teach H’Non to live independently in the wild after decades of abuse?

Horse Power cover

Horse Power by Jennifer Thermes

I adore Jennifer Thermes, and not just because she is the creator behind the gorgeous maps that grace all of my Vanderbeeker books. She tackles wonderful topics in her books, including the history of Manhattan and explorers like Grandma Greenwood and Tom Crean. In this book, she examines the relationship between people and horses and their role in changing history.

Tri-color corgi lying on back on gray couch

What are you reading these days?

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The Kids Are All Right

Great Soccer Books for the Women’s World Cup!

Hi, Kid Lit friends!

I’m so thankful for Margaret for covering my last two newsletters! With every book that I write, I feel like it should get easier…but news flash — it does not! With looming deadlines plus the final Vanderbeekers book coming out in September, it is really nice to have a little bit of extra time to focus on deadlines. And Margaret, as always, has been bringing great content.

Over the weekend, I visited my older daughter at music camp and stopped into a super cute bookstore in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, called Boswell’s Books. They have the most adorable store cat (the store is named after the cat — as it should be). Check out their website for that great Boswell content.

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Bookish Goods

Pillow with pocket for book

Throw Pillow with Book Pocket by WillowTreeCraftingUS

This is a wonderful gift for that young bookworm in your life who loves to read the same book over and over at bedtime. $26+

New Releases

When Rubin Plays cover

When Rubin Plays by Gracey Zhang

I love this book for two reasons. First: GRACEY ZHANG. What an incredible writer and illustrator. Two: the violin! If you follow me, you know that my older daughter is a talented violinist. (Quick pause to mom brag — her youth orchestra won a GRAMMY this year for best orchestral recording!). In this sweet picture book, Rubin loves the sound made by orchestras, and he wants to make that same beautiful sound on the violin. But it’s difficult to make the violin sound good, so he retreats into the forest to practice, where he discovers a very supportive audience. So sweet!!!

Into the Shadow Mist cover

Legends of Lotus Island: Into the Shadow Mist by Christina Soontornvat, illustrated by Kevin Hong

The adventure continues with three-time Newbery Honor-winning author Christina Soontornvat’s exciting chapter book series Legends of Lotus Island! Plum and her friends travel to Bokati Island to study with Guardian Master Em, who watches over the ancient trees. But when the trees start dying, can Plum and her friends help before it’s too late? I love Christina’s ability to infuse her fantasy stories with a mix of childhood concerns and real-life problems.

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Riot Recommendations

I am a HUGE fan of U.S. women’s soccer. I go to my local football club’s live games (Go Gotham FC!), I wear the merch, and I try to catch as many of the National Women’s Soccer League games on streaming every weekend. So you can bet I’m very closely watching the Women’s FIFA World Cup! Are you a fan of soccer? Here are some awesome soccer-related books!

The Flip Out cover

The Flip Out by Sam Kerr, illustrated by Aki Fukuoka

Written by one of the world’s best soccer players, this adorable chapter book series is inspired by the author’s own experiences. It addresses common childhood experiences like bullying, taking risks, and following your dreams.

Merci Suarez Plays It Cool cover

Merci Suárez Plays It Cool by Meg Medina

I just ADORE Meg Medina (our National Ambassador for Children’s Literature!!!) and her Merci Suárez series. In this third and final book trilogy, Merci is in 8th grade. That means a new haircut, experiencing the ups and downs of being a teenager, and lots of football (soccer) games. And while she might not be the captain of her football team, might she be befriending the actual captain, super popular Avery?

All Heart cover

All Heart: My Dedication and Determination to Become One of Soccer’s Best by Carli Lloyd with Wayne Coffey

Oh hi, Carli Lloyd, who scored three goals in the first 16 minutes in the World Cup finals in 2015! As one of the best soccer players in history, I loved this deep dive into her life and the hard work she put into this sport. She is such an inspiration!

One Life cover

One Life: Young Readers Edition by Megan Rapinoe

I listened to the adult edition on audiobook through (and loved it), and my younger kiddo (who plays soccer) read the young readers edition (and loved it). How could we not? Megan Rapinoe is a soccer icon, but she also uses her platform to fight for equity and justice. I love her determination to fight for equal pay in her field. As an American, I am proud that she represents our country.

Tri-color corgi sleeping with his tongue out

What are you reading these days?

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Yesterday, my husband, Lalo, and I were in the car for eight hours, traveling from one kiddo’s summer camp to the other kiddo’s summer camp and then back home again. Then Lalo had his annual checkup this morning. He is tuckered out!

Happy reading!


The Kids Are All Right

Middle School Stories, Outdoor Reading Chair, and More!

Hi Kid Lit Friends!

Summer break is upon us! My kids just got out of school this past week, as New York City public schools like to go to the very end of June. I wonder what plans you all have for the summer? I am looking forward to a slower pace and to not having to pack school lunches! I don’t know why packing school lunches are so annoying, but it is!

I’ve seen some good books for middle schoolers come across my desk recently. Middle school is a rough time, as I can attest from having my own two kids experiencing it currently and recently. For those of you looking for some books to add to your collection for middle schoolers in the fall, I’ve got some recommendations. But first…let’s talk about reading outside!

Speaking of the summer, my wonderful colleague Margaret will be covering some of my newsletters over the next few months as I work on my next book deadline, spend time with my family, and get ready for my next Vanderbeekers book, The Vanderbeekers Ever After, to launch in September. I’ve written nearly 400 of these newsletters, and I’m grateful for a little bit of a break. I know you’ll be in good hands with Margaret!

Bookish Goods

Wooden reading chair

Outdoor Reading Chair by hardywoodproducts

I love reading outside! If you have a porch or patio, first I would like to state that I am very jealous. Second, this wooden chair would be a lovely place to hang out with a good book and a lemonade. Tag me in your photo so I can live vicariously through you!

New Releases

How We Say I Love You cover

How We Say I Love You by Nicole Chen, illustrated by Lenny Wen

In this sweet book, a family shows their love from actions like making food, spending time with each other, and trying to make each other proud.

Moving the Millers Mine Moore Mine Mansion cover

Moving the Millers’ Minnie Moore Mine Mansion by Dave Eggers, illustrated by Julia Sarda

I am nuts about the illustrations in this book! As a huge fan of architecture (my dad is an architect), I loved this story about how a beloved building holds stories of true love, ingenuity, and illegal pigs.

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Riot Recommendations

Middle school stories, here we go!

Falling Short cover

Falling Short by Ernesto Cisneros

This book, told in alternating points of view, follows two friends who struggle to find belonging in 6th grade. Unlike other middle-grade books centered around friendship, this one doesn’t center on drama or a falling out. Instead, the two friends continue to support each other through the ups and downs of middle school. I really love this book!

Talia's Codebook for Mathletes cover

Talia’s Codebook for Mathletes by Marissa Moss

Middle school is filled with unspoken rules, which Talia finds out when her best friend suddenly doesn’t want to be friends with a girl. Furthermore, when the mathletes captain doubts her abilities, Talia leans into girl power. She’ll start her own all-girls mathletes team!

Good Different cover

Good Different by Meg Eden Kuyatt

This novel-in-verse, inspired by the author’s experience living on the spectrum as someone who largely “passes” in society as neurotypical, follows a neurodivergent girl who always sticks to her rules for being normal. But when an incident at school causes her to lose friends and even face expulsion, Selah needs to figure out how to get the school to realize that different doesn’t mean damaged.

What Lane cover

What Lane? by Torrey Maldonado

Torrey Maldonado is a middle school teacher, and he writes from such an authentic experience about growing up in New York City. In What Lane?, Stephen, a mixed kid, finds that rules are different depending on who he’s hanging out with. Can he figure out how to be his authentic self?

Two black and white dogs sleeping by the author's chair

What are you reading these days?

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Happy reading!