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Hi historical fiction fans!

In my determination to finally start feeling like it’s fall here in the Southern U.S., I’m writing this newsletter to you from outside. Unfortunately, it’s still in the mid-80s here, so it’s a somewhat sweaty experience. If only a crisp autumn breeze would come my way!

Deciding whether to read the books we’re talking about this week, however, should be no sweat at all. In addition to two great new releases, I’m sharing some “herstory,” (sorry, I couldn’t help myself) about queens of the past. Calling all my pals who went through a phase of reading all about the Tudors in middle school with those Royal Diaries books. This one’s for you.

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New Releases

All You Have To Do Is Call Book Cover

All You Have to Do Is Call by Kerri Maher (September 19, 2023)

In the early 1970s, a secret women’s health organization defied the laws attempting to control women’s rights and bodies. Three women, two working as Janes and one who is only beginning to feel that her life as a housewife is no longer fulfilling, grapple with the mental dissonance of the lives they lead. A historical novel that is, unfortunately, timely once more.

The Phoenix Crown Book Cover

The Phoenix Crown by Kate Quinn and Janie Chang (September 19, 2023)

The lives of four women living in San Francisco at the turn of the 20th century were forever changed by the 1906 Earthquake and the disappearance of a railroad magnate with a collection of priceless Chinese artifacts. Six years later, one of those artifacts—the Phoenix Crown—is being worn at Versailles—and someone is determined to get it back.

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Riot Recommendations

I went to see the musical Six last week, and I’m pretty sure it’s reignited my preteen fixation on the Tudors. But the Tudor queens aren’t the only ones to have made a profound mark upon history. Here are three fascinating queens you should definitely be reading about:

Katherine of Aragon: The True Queen Book Cover

Katherine of Aragon, The True Queen by Alison Weir

First up is one of the books I’m eyeing as I embark on a Tudor reading marathon. Alison Weir has written numerous books about the Tudors, Plantagenets, and other royals, including this book about Katherine of Aragon, King Henry VIII’s first wife, who starts off this series about the six wives of King Henry.

cover of Queen of Exiles by Vanessa Riley; illustration of a Black woman in fancy dress

Queen of Exiles by Vanessa Riley

The queen of a newly free Haiti, Marie-Louise Christophe, rules alongside her husband for 10 years before he is overthrown, leaving Marie-Louise and their daughters on their own. Forced to flee to Europe, Marie-Louise must redefine herself and her daughters to prove they are every bit the equal of their royal peers. Even in exile, she knows she is a queen. It’s ensuring everyone else knows it, too; that’s the real battle.

Sisi Empress on Her Own Book Cover

Sisi: Empress on Her Own by Allison Pataki

Before Megan Markle or Princess Di, there was Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary, beloved by her people and known by the endearment, “Sisi.” But as monarchies fall, Sisi’s own marriage crumbles, and World War I approaches, will Sisi be able to save her family and her empire without losing herself?

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