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Marvel and Random House Announce WHAT IF…? Adult Novel Series: Today in Books

Stephen Graham Jones’s Angel of Indian Lake: Read an Excerpt Now

Crime Reads is sharing the cover and an excerpt from Stephen Graham Jones’s Angel of Indian Lake, the exciting conclusion to the horror author’s Indian Lake Trilogy. This new novel sees Jade Daniels returning home to Proofrock only to find the Lake Witch still haunting her hometown. The Angel of Indian Lake is out from Saga Press on March 26, 2024.

Bookforum is Returning Months After Its Closure

The literary criticism magazine Bookforum is returning in August with a new publishing partner: The Nation. The literary magazine originally closed in December. Bhaskar Sunkara, president of The Nation, announced on Thursday that Bookforum’s relaunch would mark a return to form. The Bookforum team is confident that The Nation will be the right partner for the quarterly magazine’s relaunch. “They know how to run magazines,” Michael Miller, Bookforum’s editor-in-chief, said. “Bhaskar himself has worked on a number of magazines, and The Nation has been around since 1865.”

Marvel and Random House Announce “What If…?” Adult Novel Series

Random House Worlds, an imprint of Random House, has announced a collaboration with Marvel Entertainment for an adult novel series that will explore the classic Marvel tradition of What If…? storytelling. The series will launch in 2024 with three titles: What if… Loki Was Worthy? by Madeleine Roux will be out on March 12, 2024. What if… Wanda Maximoff and Peter Parker Were Siblings? by Seanan McGuire will be out in July 2024. And What if… Marc Spector Was A Host to Venom? by Mike Chen is out in October 2024.

Teens Provide Tips for New Dungeons & Dragons Players

Tips from teens for new Dungeons & Dragons players to make the game even more fun and exciting.