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Hasan Minhaj Asks Barack Obama Who Really Curates His End-of-Year Lists: Today in Books

Nimona Creator Says Netflix’s New LGBTQ+ Animated Series Has A Powerful Trans Message

Speaking to Hollywood Reporter, ND Stevenson, the creator of Nimona, says the upcoming Netflix series adaptation will keep hold of the important trans message at the heart of its story. Stevenson says Nimona “is a character with a lot of pain and anger at her heart, and that’s why she exists. When I made her, I was doing it for my own catharsis.” Nimona is a futuristic fantasy comic that was published as a graphic novel by HarperCollins in 2016. Netflix’s adaptation will be available to stream starting June 30.

Hasan Minhaj Asks Barack Obama Who Really Curates His End-of-Year Lists

In a recent interview, comedian Hasan Minhaj sat down with former president Barack Obama to discuss many topics, including the truth behind Obama’s end-of-year lists. “I need you to look me in the eyes and be honest with me,” Minhaj asked Obama. “Mr. President, when you do your end-of-the-year lists, do you really read all those books, watch all those shows and listen to all those songs?” Obama immediately replied, “I do.” The former president continued, “Look here’s the bottom line of my playlists, and my book lists and my movie lists: I am very scrupulous about making sure this is stuff I actually like… Unless I’m actually listening to it, watching it, reading it, I won’t put it on there.” Minhaj then asked Obama what would have happened if he didn’t choose his wife’s book, The Light We Carry, as one of his favorite books of 2022. Obama responded, “Well that would be foolish, because we share a bank account.”

Carnegie Medal for Children’s Books Goes to a Translation for the First Time

Welsh writer Manon Steffan Ros has won the 2023 Yoto Carnegie medal, marking the first time a translated book has won in the prestigious award’s 87-year history. Ros’s young adult novel The Blue Book of Nebo is set in a post-apocalyptic Wales. Originally published in Welsh, the book was translated to English by the author herself. Judges described the novel as “heartbreaking” and “rich with Welsh heritage.” Ros said she is “absolutely delighted” to have won this award: “I used to see the word Carnegie on the cover of my favourite books when I was a child, so this means a great deal to me.”

Diving Into the Sub-Genre of Oceanpunk

Get to know the world of all things oceanpunk with this guide to the sub-genre and some of the titles it encompasses.