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Nicole Kidman and Maya Erskine to Lead THE PERFECT NANNY Limited Series for HBO: Today in Books

Marie Kondo Admits She Has “Kind of Given Up” on Tidying

Marie Kondo, the world-renowned Japanese decluttering expert, has a new book about organizing, Kurashi at Home, coming out tomorrow. But with three children to look after, the author admits own home has become a little bit “messy.” Kondo said during an online webinar, “I have kind of given up [keeping my home tidy at all times], in a good way for me…Now I realize what is important to me is enjoying spending time with my children at home.” Kondo now lives in California with her family and says she no longer puts pressure on herself to always keep the house organized. She told the Washington Post she would “keep looking inward to make sure I am leading my own kurashi,” while still making time to prioritize her family and other things that make her happy.

Nicole Kidman and Maya Erskine to Lead The Perfect Nanny Limited Series for HBO

Nicole Kidman and PEN-15 co-creator Maya Erskine have signed on to star in a limited series adaptation of The Perfect Nanny, based on the 2016 novel by Leïla Slimani. Erskine will also write and executive produce the project. The logline for the upcoming HBO series reads, “A seemingly perfect nanny goes to work for a couple with two young children, but her helpful personality eventually deteriorates into something sinister.” The Perfect Nanny is the third HBO limited series for Kidman, who also starred in Big Little Lies and The Undoing.

Hoover Schools Cancel Black History Month Author After Parent Complaint

Just before award-winning author Derrick Barnes’ planned Black History Month appearances at Hoover City Schools this February, the invitation to three elementary schools was abruptly canceled. The cancelation came after a parent complained about Barnes’ “controversial ideas.” It is unclear what controversial ideas the parent was referring to. Derrick Barnes has won Caldecott and Newberry Awards for his children’s books, which include I Am Every Good Thing and The King of Kindergarten. Barnes’ representative Patrick Oliver said this was the first time the author has encountered a cancellation with no explanation.

The Best Books of the 2020s: What Lifted Us Up and Out

We may not want to revisit the beginning years of the 2020s, but these books deserve to be remembered post-pandemic.