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Apple Books Offers Free Audiobooks and Ebooks: Today In Books

Apple Books Offers Free Audiobooks & Ebooks

A push notification went out to Apple Books app users letting them know that a selection of mysteries, kids read-along books, and audiobooks are now available for free. A variety of genres and the first books in series are available. There is, however, no information on how long these items are free, so you may want to download quickly if interested.

This Picture Book’s Sales Have Soared

Parents have turned to the picture book I Don’t Want to Wash My Hands! in order to convince their children to please-please-please wash their hands. The book, first published in 2001, has seen a 2,000+% hike in sales in the last month. Keep washing your hands, kiddos and adults!

188 Employees From The Strand Bookstores Have Been Laid Off

Major independent bookstores have been laying off staff due to the COVID-19 outbreak, now including the Strand Bookstores, which laid off the majority of their staff: 188 employees. “At present, all operations for the store are at a standstill. Bass Wyden wrote that she has requested approval from Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office for the store to be designated an essential business so that the remaining employees can process and fulfill online orders.”