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Pippi Longstocking Musical Circus Show: Today In Books

Pippi Longstocking Musical Circus Show

Pippi Longstocking’s 75th anniversary is in 2020, and to honor her Pop House Productions and the Astrid Lindgren Company are collaborating with Cirkus Cirkör for a musical circus show! “Imagine being in the audience when Pippi goes to the circus; it’s totally irresistible! Pippi wants to play and not just sit in her place, so this will be great fun.” Being that the show will run next summer in Sweden, I’d like to request the show be filmed so the whole world can see it, please and thank you.

The Parsonage Museum Won!

The Brontë Society succeeded in having the winning bid for the tiny book written by Charlotte Brontë when she was fourteen from a Paris auction. “The works were created for Charlotte’s toy soldiers and document an imaginary world created by the family called Glass Town” and is returning to where it had been written 189 years ago–thanks to over 1,000 people who donated money to help them win the auction.

Awesome Book Club, Awesome Library

Chicago rapper Noname, who started a book club to highlight writers of color, announced that the Chicago Public Library will take reservations for her book club picks. Her book club features “two monthly selections — one ‘informative text’ and another ‘creative work.’”