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100 Best Books Of 2019: Today In Books

100 Best Books Of 2019

Time has selected the must-read books that published in 2019 and there is plenty on this list for readers no matter what genre or category you like to read in. Divided into Realistic Fiction, Suspense & Altered Worlds, Literature in Translation, Short Stories & Poetry, Memoir & Essays, History & Politics, Society & Science, and True Crime & Journalism there are so many fantastic books on this list, certainly your next favorite read is on there.

Cornell University Library Has A Problem

The Cornell Universtiy’s Mui Ho Fine Arts Library in Ithaca is being criticized for its grated floor. Because the floors are see-thru patrons feel uncomfortable wearing skirts and dresses because anyone below will be getting a view up. The architect, Wolfgang Tschapeller, is against the suggestion of covering the grates with non see-thru material: “the flow of space and flow of air are essential for the project.”

It Gets Worse

All the earned bad press surrounding the Nobel Prize for Literature is clearly not behind the committee. Peter Handke was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, which got much criticism because of his denial of the Serb genocide of Muslims in Bosnia. Apparently two of the Nobel jurors responded to criticism by citing the book sources they used to make up their minds. The books support conspiracy theories and “vast rewriting of history.