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Goats To The Library Rescue: Today In Books

Goats To The Library Rescue

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library was surrounded by 13 acres of scrubland, which would have been like catnip to the wildfires in California. What to do? Send in 500 hungry goats!

No Violence Against Women Award

The Staunch Book Prize–a “prize for a thriller in which no woman is beaten, stalked, sexually exploited, raped or murdered”–has released their shortlist. In its short time in existence it’s become controversial with some claiming ignoring very real violence against women doesn’t help and others saying it’s about time. Here are a bunch of voices and opinions on the subject.

Macmillan Vs Libraries

The day has arrived: Macmillan’s new library embargo takes effect, meaning libraries can only purchase one e-book for each new title for the first eight weeks of its release. Many libraries feel this is limiting access to anyone who can’t afford to buy the book and several large library systems are now boycotting Macmillan by suspending purchases.