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Author Sneakily Changes Book Cover: Today In Books

Author Sneakily Changes Book Cover

Self-published author Mike Monteiro has his book, Ruined by Design, up for sale on Amazon and realized that he could change the cover art of the book after it had uploaded. So he did. It now urges Amazon employees to unionize: “ATTENTION AMAZON WORKERS: You have the right to decent working conditions. You have the right to bargain collectively. You have the right to form a union.” And Amazon doesn’t plan to remove it.

Flint, Michigan Names Its First Poet Laureate

All the congratulations to Semaj Brown, Flint’s first poet laureate! Pamela Pugh, Flint’s Chief Public Health Advisor: “Brown will work in conjunction with the city’s public health department, recognizing literature and literacy to be an integral component of a healthy vibrant society.

Wayne Brady’s New Gig

Wayne Brady, who you know from TV’s Let’s Make a Deal and Whose Line Is It Anyway? and Broadway’s Kinky Boots and Hamilton, will be joining the superhero world! He’ll be the Gravedigger on CW’s adaptation of the comic Black Lightning. You can look forward to seeing him as the superhuman fighting machine (of course blame secret lab experimenting) in early 2020.