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Library’s Most Stolen Book: Today In Books

Library’s Most Stolen Book

I love these stories–no, I don’t support stealing, and no one should do this. It’s just always interesting to see what and why for a specific community. And in Buncombe County, North Carolina it seems that the most stolen book from public libraries is the 1996 book Haunted Asheville by Joshua P. Warren. Check out how many missing copies there are and the book details here. Now stop stealing from libraries, people!

The Little Mermaid Live!

ABC released a “meet the cast” video for their upcoming The Little Mermaid Live and I don’t want to spoil the chef which was a reveal for me so watch the 30 second video here. Half of this looks beautiful and the other half totally ridiculous and I think they may have just sold me on watching on November 5th.

If You Like To Vote!

The 2019 Not the Booker prize is down to its shortlist and you can vote to help select the winning novel. You can check out the six choices, learn more about the award, and vote by leaving your choice in the comments here.