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A Great American Author Has Passed Away: Today In Books

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A Great American Author Has Passed Away

In incredibly sad news: Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison passed away in NY at the age of eighty-eight. The essayist, editor, and novelist of countless works–including Beloved and the most recent The Source of Self-Regard–can’t possibly be properly eulogized in a paragraph so I’ll just say we were incredibly blessed to live when she did and to know her words.

Hair Love To Premiere With Angry Birds 2

You can watch Matthew A. Cherry’s short film Hair Love in theaters August 14th as it’ll be playing before the film Angry Birds 2. The animation is based on the illustrations created by Vashti Harrison in the Hair Love book. For more, including a gorgeous screencap, read on here.

Hillary And Chelsea Clinton Team Up For Book

Both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have respectively found great success as authors so it makes sense that they would team up to write a book: The Book of Gutsy Women will hit stores October 1st and will honor more than 100 great women. You can get all the details, including a look at the cover, here.