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New Online Anne Frank Exhibit Unveiled: Today In Books

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New Online Anne Frank Exhibit Unveiled

Google has unveiled a new online Anne Frank exhibit that includes the only known video of Frank along with a view into the Amsterdam flat that was her childhood home. Learn more here.

Guardian Research Reveals Picture Book Bias

The 100 bestselling illustrated children’s books in 2018 reveals that what is being presented to children is overwhelmingly a white, male-dominated world. Only five of the books had a main character that was a person of color/minority ethnicity AND of those five books, three were the same character. The data keeps getting worse and you should really read about it here.

Harlequin Unveils Harlequin Studios

Harlequin Studios will be under the publishers umbrella and is already making moves, having secured a deal with Canada’s CTV Network to adapt 20 made-for-TV movies. With more than 30,000 books there’s the possibility for lots of adaptations and network deals to come.