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Barnes & Noble Acquired For $476 Million: Today In Books

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Barnes & Noble Acquired For $476 Million

Elliott Management, a U.K. investment management firm that owns the Waterstones bookstore chain, has agreed to purchase Barnes & Noble for $476 million, plus assume their debt. James Daunt, the CEO of Waterstones, will serve as the new CEO.

The Devil Will Get A Proper End

After having saved Lucifer from a network cancellation Netflix has decided to renew the show for a fifth and final season, allowing the creators to give fans a proper ending. The fourth season was so good I kind of wish the series had started on Netflix.

Mystery Fans And Writers Question New Imprint

A new suspense imprint, with the goal of publishing thrillers marketed to women readers, was surrounded by rumors that their female author was a front for a male author. It became a thing, that took an unexpected turn when the author in question, Stephanie Buelens, did an interview to prove she was real but also apparently “She co-wrote it with a friend, an established male writer who, according to Penzler, has published more than 20 books.” For the full story read on here.