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New Stan Lee Work: Today In Books

This edition of Today in Books is sponsored by The Book of Delights, essays by Ross Gay, from Algonquin Books.

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New Stan Lee Work

Stan Lee has a new project still to come: Alliances: A Trick of Light will premiere this summer at Audible. The project “introduces a new connected universe of stories and characters” and is sure to excite his fans! Check out all the details, plus behind-the-scene photos here.

Tupac Poetry Fan Competition

In honor of poetry month Tupac’s estate has a poetry competition, Tupac Poetry Month Competition, that you can enter until May 5th. Let the words floweth and get all the deets for entering here. Good luck!

A Cappella Satanic Nuns

Yes, you read that correctly! In anticipation of the premiere of Good Omens, the six-part event based on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s novel, Amazon released this amazing music video: Brand New Baby Smell.