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Latinx So Lit: Today in Books

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Latinx So Lit

I am a Latina bookseller who woke up this morning in desperate need of Ibuprofen; a super successful Indie Bookstore Day left my feet sore, my voice hoarse, and my heart unbelievably full. I’m so especially proud of fellow book person Noëlle Santos who’s Bronx bookstore The Lit Bar celebrated it’s grand opening yesterday, and who made it to this fabulous list of Latinx-run bookstores in New York that I’m adding to my visit list post haste.

Thanos Noooooo (but also yaaasss?)

Because we all could use a little “oh snap!” in our lives, go ahead and Google “Thanos” right quick. Click on the Infinity Gauntlet and watch the magic/chaos/panic ensue. Hehe. I love this sort of thing.

A Prize for a Poet

The 2019 Jackson Poetry Prize has been awarded to Joy Harjo. This prize is awarded annually by Poets & Writers to an American poet and comes with a healthy $65,000 cash award (*Cardi voice* okurrrrr!) This year’s judges were Alicia Ostriker, D. A. Powell, and Ada Limón. I’m not familiar with Harjo’s work, but I’m about to be. If Ada Limon recommends it, it’s gonna be worth my time.