Listen to Black Women, Free Audiobooks, and More

Hola, Audiophiles!

How’s everyone doing? I’ve been so wrapped up in my health woes and other assorted life concerns that I haven’t asked how YOU are all feeling. It feels like everyone I know is giving 2019 a zero or one star rating so far and I honestly cannot blame them! What is in the water? Why does it feel like these first couple of months have been longer than the longest of longs?!

Still, beneath the garbage there is usually some treasure and I for one am trying (with effort) to focus on the good stuff I have going on! My baby nephew is getting bigger and stronger every day, a friend is expecting a new baby, I’ve found a rad new cowork space in the neighborhood I love, and the new Flavia de Luce book (even if it’s the last one) is out in the world. So! Tell me friends? What’s good with you? Let’s get some positivity flowing in this space!

For now: let’s audio.

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When Iranians overthrew their monarchy, rejecting a pro-Western shah in favor of an Islamic regime, many observers predicted that revolutionary turmoil would paralyze the country for decades to come. Yet forty years after the 1978–79 revolution, Iran has emerged as a critical player in the Middle East and the wider world, as demonstrated in part by the 2015 international nuclear agreement. In Iran Rising, renowned Iran specialist Amin Saikal describes how the country has managed to survive despite ongoing domestic struggles, Western sanctions, and countless other serious challenges. Start Listening Now!

Latest Listen

I mentioned to you all last week that I was listening to The Raven Tower by Anne Leckie and holy crap! There is a lot to keep straight. Gods! Mortals! Animals! Accents! Treachery! I want to tell you more about it, but I’m going to make you all wait a little. Don’t hate me! It’s for a pretty cool reason: I’ll be recording a guest spot on All the Books with Liberty on February 25th!


Listens on Deck

I promised myself I was done blaming swine flu for the things that have gone wrong as of late pero…. how? HOW??! How did I somehow miss that Toni Morrison had a new book coming out this year!?!? And during Black History Month?! I blame all the meds.

I am at last slowly listening to The Source of Self Regard and it had me before I’d even pressed play. It’s split into three parts: a prayer for those that died on 9/11, a meditation on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and a eulogy for James Baldwin. Woven into these three sections are a discussion, commentary, and critique of just about every contemporary topic you’d expect this prolific writer to tackle. Need I say any more?

From the Internets

Free Books Here! – My buddies over at are celebrating Independent Bookstore Day this year with free audiobooks! Ya hear that, kids? Free! Gratis! Zero dollars and zero cents!

Customers who create a account in the lead up to Independent Bookstore Day will receive an e-mail on April 27 with a link to the free goods. Already have a membership? Lucky you! You’ll automatically be getting an e-mail with a link to the free audiobooks. BOOM.

A Motivation Situation – Ok friends, it’s February. How are all my resolution peeps doing with their New Year’s goals?! If you find your motivation is in need of a super charge, check Bustle’s list of motivational audiobooks to keep you inspired while on the move.

Listen to Black Women – A member of the American Booksellers Association Diversity Task force recently asked to put together a playlist of listens by black women – and they did! The list is comprised of books by, about, and performed by Black women and includes books from a beautiful variety of genres. Get into it.

Over at the Riot

How to Listen to Audiobooks on an iPhone – You asked, we answered. Check out this guide for listeners new to audiobooking on the iPhone.

That’s all I got today! Shoot me an email at with audiobook feedback & questions or find me on Twitter and the gram @buenosdiazsd. Sign up for the In The Club newsletter, peep the Read Harder podcast, and watch me booktube every Friday too!

Stay bad & bookish, my friends.