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Free Screenings Of BLACK PANTHER At AMC Theaters: Today In Books

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No Trick, Free Means Free

In honor of Black History Month, and the film’s best picture Oscar nomination, 250 AMC Theatres will have free screenings of Black Panther between Feb. 1-7. You’ll find the link to ticket information at the end of this article.

Grow With Google Heads To Libraries In 50 States

Libraries offer many services beyond just helping patrons find a good book, and Google is helping them with digital resources. The idea is basically to help libraries help patrons to learn things like online marketing, and how to use programs like spreadsheets to better prepare them for the job market and starting/running small businesses. For more on the plan read here.

This Tiny Mobile Library Is Adorable

And also important as it travels to remote villages in Italy to deliver books to children. The three-wheeled van is named Bibliomotocarro and Antonio La Cava uses it to deliver books because “I was strongly worried about growing old in a country of non-readers.” Watch the video here.