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Today is the UN International Day of Peace

Founded in 1981, the UN International Day of Peace serves as a reminder of the importance of peace, not just because all people deserve to live without fear of war, but because it helps promote long-term goals around sustainability and global stability. Today’s Riot Recs will explore how much the world needs peace — and how difficult it can be to achieve.

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New Releases

Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe

Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe by HF Brownfield and Kayla Coombs

Quinnelope loves cookies, so you can imagine her reaction when she learns that there are no cookies to be found anywhere in her kingdom! Can she, her friend Star, and her butler Bub find the missing Cookie King and bring cookies back to Pleasant Towne?

The Deer King Vol 1 cover

The Deer King Volume One: Yuna and the Promised Journey by Nahoko Uehashi and Taro Sekiguchi

Only two people are left alive after a devastating attack by infected wild dogs: Van, a slave who inexplicably gains super-strength after the attack, and Yuna, a little girl whom Van must now protect. But what do they do now that the infected dogs are spreading sickness all over the land?

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: war. Sometimes, the best way to deal with such a heavy subject is through a seemingly “simple” medium like comics.

Días de Consuelo cover

Días de Consuelo by Dave Ortega

Born in the midst of the Mexican Revolution, Consuelo’s life was marked by uncertainty and upheaval from an early age. Even after the Revolution officially ends, the tumult forces her father to go find work in America, leaving Consuelo and her pregnant mother to deal with the war’s aftermath by themselves.

cover of But I Live: Three Stories of Child Survivors of the Holocaust, showing an illustration in blue tones of two boys in a forest

But I Live, edited by Charlotte Schallié

This anthology tells the stories of four people — a Romanian boy, two brothers protected by the Dutch resistance movement, and a girl who survived two concentration camps — who were fortunate enough to emerge from the Holocaust alive. But inevitably, their experiences left them forever changed.

A white Havanese lies on her side with her front legs tucked in under her chin, looking at the camera with one eye covered by her fluffy hair

To end on a brighter note, here is a picture of my dog Poppy resting while I do my work!