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Stories So Nice They Told Them Twice

Halfway through August already, huh? Next thing you know, we’ll be raking leaves and putting up the Halloween decorations! Who needs the passage of time, anyway? Let’s take a break for a minute to enjoy this newsletter…

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Bookish Goods

Two ships in a bottle, stacked one atop the other, each featuring a pirate ship

One Piece Sunny Ship in a Bottle by TheKeebStore

Okay, I’ve never read or seen One Piece, but also this looks amazing? $34

New Releases

Mr. Villain's Day Off cover

Mr. Villain’s Day Off Volume One by Yuu Morikawa

Most days, you can find the General plotting to take over the world, like a respectable supervillain. But what happens when one of his sworn enemies discovers that he spends his days off at the zoo, enjoying all the cute pandas?

Us cover

Us by Sara Soler

Translated from the Spanish, this touching memoir recounts Soler’s life with Diana, a trans woman, both during and after Diana’s transition. They may face more challenges than your average couple, but as long as they have each other, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: comics adapted from books! Sometimes, a book is so extraordinary that just one medium cannot capture all its nuances. That’s what these graphic adaptations are for.

Kindred graphic novel cover

Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation by Octavia E. Butler, Damian Duffy, and John Jennings

Dana’s ordinary existence in the 1970s abruptly ends when she finds herself living out the life her ancestors lived as enslaved people in the antebellum South. Can she find a way home, or has she become too entangled in the past to ever return from it for good?

On Tyranny cover

On Tyranny: Graphic Edition by Timothy Snyder and Nora Krug

We all know that old chestnut about learning from history or being doomed to repeat it. This graphic edition of Snyder’s book gives practical advice on how to learn from some of the worst events in recent history — and how you can do your part to prevent them from recurring.

‘Til Thursday, nerd friends! I hope you enjoy whatever stories you choose to read in the meantime.