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Honeycomb Horror, a Monstrous Chariot Race, and More YA Book Talk and News: August 3, 2023

Hello YA Readers!

Kelly is off on a well-deserved break, so this is Danika filling in for today’s newsletter! I’ve got a couple YA paperback releases to share along with some YA-related book news — surprise, surprise, it’s mostly censorship-related.

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Bookish Goods

a photo of a Bee and Honeycomb Charm Bookmark Paperclip

Bee and Honeycomb Charm Bookmark Paperclip by NylaBooks

After you read The Honeys, you’ll never be able to look at bees or honeycombs the same way again. But in the meantime, enjoy this cute bee bookmark! $9

New Releases

They’re (paper)back! Let’s look at two excellent YA paperback releases that hit shelves this week. You can also check out the full list of today’s paperback YA releases.

cover of The Honeys by Ryan La Sala; the word 'honeys' repeated all the way down the cover over paintings of flowers

The Honeys by Ryan La Sala

I read this one when it first came out, and if you’re in the mood for a summer horror book, this is it. I beg you, I implore you, just read the first two pages. This was the most intense start to a book I’ve ever read, and I was convinced it must be a dream sequence, but no. This is about a genderfluid teenager trying to figure out what led to his sister’s death by going to the summer camp she was obsessed with. There, the strict gender roles are just as unsettling as the body horror.

monsters made and born book cover

Monsters Born and Made by Tanvi Berwah

In this oceanic world, Koral and her family are indentured by Landers to capture the monstrous maristags to be used in their Glory Race. When the last maristag escapes, Koral has to find another way to afford her little sister’s medication, so she decides to cheat her way into the deadly Glory Race. But there are a lot of people who will do anything to stop a low-caste girl from winning the gold, and she might just spark a rebellion. This one promises to be a great match for fans of The Hunger Games and These Violent Delights.

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YA Book News

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