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New York City Libraries Spared From $36 Million in Cuts: Today in Books

Anthony Mackie Says He Wanted to Play Black Panther Before Landing the Role of Falcon

In a recent interview with Inverse, actor Anthony Mackie revealed that he tried to land the role of Black Panther back in the early 2010s. “I had been contacting Marvel a lot about Black Panther,” he explained. “I had written them letters. I was trying to find a way to make them make Black Panther. And I wanted to be Black Panther because growing up I fucking loved Black Panther.” Instead, Mackie was ultimately cast as Sam Wilson/Falcon in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the rest is history.

Soyoung Park’s New Dystopian Thriller is The Hunger Games Meets Squid Game

Soyoung Park’s critically-acclaimed South Korean YA duology has been translated into English by Joungmin Lee Comfort, and now Entertainment Weekly is offering a preview of the novel through and excerpt and an exclusive cover reveal. Park’s Snowglobe has been described as The Hunger Games meets Squid Game, and it grapples with issues of climate change, socioeconomic inequality, and personal identity. Snowglobe, the first part of the duology, hits shelves on February 27, 2024.

New York City Libraries Spared From $36 Million in Cuts

As the New York City Council’s budget deadline quickly approaches on Friday, it appears that the city’s libraries have been spared from $36 million in cuts. This news is according to a source involved in the budget negotiations. Leaders of the City Council threatened to walk away from negotiations to protest the proposed cuts. Over the past few months, library leaders warned that the proposed cuts would shut many branches down. Many voices came out in support of libraries, including celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Chelsea Clinton. In a statement on Wednesday evening, the City Council speaker, Adrienne E. Adams, said, “This successful outcome for the coming year’s budget is an achievement shared by all New Yorkers.”

28 of the Best Queer Fantasy Books

Find all the queer fantasy books you could ever want in this jumbo list featuring LGBTQ fantasy books.