The Stack

Just Keeping Swimming (and Reading)

Welp, summer has officially hit the Northern hemisphere, and my neighborhood has already drained the fire hydrants three times, leading to a sudden drop in water pressure each time. Boy, do I love summer (she said sarcastically)!

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Bookish Goods

A woman in a two-piece bathing suit covered in comics-style onomatopoeias

Comic Bubbles Style All-Over Print Women’s Ruffled Vest Bikini Swimsuit by HerbAndMagic

Short of bringing your graphic novels to the pool with you, wearing this is the best way to show off your love of comics! $25

New Releases

Batman One Bad Day set

Batman: One Bad Day set by Various Creators

Batman has some of the most iconic villains in all of comics. But how did they get that way? In this super-deluxe box set with contributions from Tom King, G. Willow Wilson, and other top talent, you’ll learn the tragic and true (?) origin stories behind the Dark Knight’s most terrifying and troubled rivals.

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop cover

Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop Volume One by Imo Oono

Technology has made it easier than ever for the introverts among us to self-isolate while telling ourselves that we’re socializing. This manga tells the story of two young people who learn to overcome their shyness and connect with each other, away from the devices they’ve used to protect themselves (and their secrets) from the world.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: swimming! Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Finding Nemo was released?! I still remember seeing it in theaters with my family, all of us laughing our tails off at the whale scene. Here are two comics about swimming to help you celebrate!

cover of swim team by johnnie christmas

Swim Team by Johnnie Christmas

After being forced to join the school swim team, Bree is certain this year will be a disaster — until her neighbor, an experienced former swimmer, takes Bree under her wing. But as the pressure mounts and the championships approach, can Bree’s newfound love for the water survive?

Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid logo

Swimming Lessons for a Mermaid by Yongchan

This adorable webcomic hasn’t been collected in book form, but you can read the whole thing on Webtoon. It tells the story of Choa, a mermaid who can’t swim but longs for the water, and Soo, her classmate who offers to teach her how to swim!

If the weather is nice where you are, try to get outside and enjoy it a little. It may seem like summer is eternal, but those leaves will be changing color before you know it!