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California Kicks Off A Statewide Expansion of Dolly’s Library: Today in Books

Michael Caine Announces Debut Thriller to be Published in November

Oscar-winning actor Michael Caine has announced his debut novel, Deadly Game, will be published in November. The 90 year-old actor has wanted to write a thriller for years, and a news item is what finally inspired him to write a story about “the discovery of uranium by workers on a dump in London’s East End.” Caine told Xan Books, “I only read thrillers. I’m an adventure man, I’m not a literature person, so I’m not trying to replace Shakespeare here. But it’s based on something I once read about two dustmen, two rubbish collectors in the East End. And they find uranium in the rubbish.”

California Kicks Off A Statewide Expansion of Dolly’s Library

Imagination Library has announced a statewide expansion of Dolly’s Library in California. “We’re expanding over the next several years so all children under 5 in CA will be eligible for a free book each month, including a fully bilingual EN/SP book language option,” Imagination Library said in a Tweet. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library gifts books to children from birth until the age of 5 at no cost to the parents. To learn more about the program, head to

Pope Lonergan’s Memoir I’ll Die After Bingo to be Adapted for TV

Clarkson’s Farm producer Expectation will be adapting comedian Pope Lonergan’s memoir I’ll Die After Bingo for TV. The book is the award-winning author’s account of his time spent caring for the elderly over a decade. Lonergan says the TV version of the book will be “both light and dark; uncompromising, poetic and very funny.” A writer for the adaptation has yet to be announced.

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