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This Newsletter Was Written by a Real Person

And it always will be, if I have anything to say about it! What’s the fun in letting a machine write about comics when I can do it myself?

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Bookish Goods

An octopus plushie designed to look like Spider-Man. It can be reversed to be either red or blue

Spider-man Octopus Reversible Plush by CustomFunPlush

If you’re still in a wall-crawling sort of mood after seeing Across the Spider-Verse, here’s a little something to keep the mood going! $15

New Releases

Lore Olympus Vol 1 cover

Lore Olympus Volume 4 by Rachel Smythe

It’s here! The fourth volume of this popular comic, which retells the myth of Hades and Persephone with a modern twist, sees the pair struggling to weed out the toxic relationships that are holding them back. Features plenty of bonus material!

Snow White with the Red Hair Vol 25 cover

Snow White With the Red Hair Volume 25 by Sorata Akiduki

Based on the classic fairytale, Snow White with the Red Hair is now in its 25th volume! It all began when beautiful redhead Shirayuki is forced to flee from a prince’s unwanted advances. With help from her friends, she can confront any challenge. Their latest job: to find the antidote to a bewitching new perfume!

For a more comprehensive list of new releases, check out our New Books newsletter!

Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: AI! It’s been in the news a lot lately, mostly for bad reasons. Let’s take a look at how AI is portrayed in the graphic realm.

Alex + Ada cover

Alex + Ada by Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

The X5 is the most advanced android ever created. Alex doesn’t particularly want one, but after acquiring Ada, he decides to do something different: allow her to acquire sentience and become an independent being. With that one fateful decision, both their lives will change forever.

Pixels of You cover

Pixels of You by Ananth Hirsch, Yuko Ota, and J.R. Doyle

Indira and Fawn both want to be photographers. They also aren’t what they seem to be: Indira is a human enhanced by technology, Fawn is an AI — and they don’t get along at all. But with their photography internship in jeopardy, the two will have to learn to work together. When they do, who knows how far their relationship will take them?

Machines are great for some things — like sending newsletters right to your email, for instance — but personally, I still like getting hard copies of my comics. They’re more fun to read.

However you read your comics, I’ll have more of them for you next week!