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Welcome to Check Your Shelf. Readjusting to work after vacation is just the Absolute Worst (TM). I didn’t even get a chance to check my email until I had been at work for about 4 hours today. So while I wrangle my to-do list into shape, let’s jump into the newsletter.

Libraries & Librarians

News Updates

A ransomware attack against the Dallas Public Library sent notices to patrons telling them to keep overdue books.

Cool Library Updates

High-tech library benches that provide wifi can help bridge the digital divide.

Worth Reading

On school shootings and difficult collection development.

How this librarian takes to the streets of Alberta to fight fentanyl-related overdoses.

It’s okay for libraries to be loud!

How library book requests can be a way to curb impulse shopping.

Book Adaptations in the News

Patricia Highsmith is getting a biopic starring Shailene Woodley and Cara Delevingne.

Benedict Cumberbatch is slated to star in the adaptation of Max Porter’s Grief Is The Thing With Feathers.

25 books being adapted for film and TV in 2023 and 2024.

Censorship News

How to prepare library pride displays.

Moms for Liberty and other groups are targeting professional library conferences and attendees.

The Louisiana Senate approved a bill that would “require libraries to create a card system so parents could prevent their children from checking out books deemed inappropriate. Libraries would also have to adopt policy language to limit minors’ access to material that describes ‘sexual conduct’.”

PEN American and Penguin Random House, along with a small group of authors and parents, have filed a federal lawsuit against the Escambia County School District (FL) for the unconstitutional removal of books from school libraries.

Two Florida moms are at the center of the fight against book banning.

Several Rhode Island legislators are trying to tighten the state’s obscenity laws and impose prison sentences on librarians who don’t comply.

A large number of people showed up at the Danvers Library (MA) to support a makeup program for teens hosted by a local drag queen.

A group of middle schoolers in the Hempfield School District (PA) staged a walkout to protest the district’s new book policy, which would lay the groundwork for potentially removing books considered “sexually explicit” or otherwise inappropriate for students.

Hamilton County school district (TN) decided to cancel a Mother’s Day lesson because Moms for Liberty said that the selected books promoted the “homosexual agenda.” One of the books, Mother Bruce, is about a male bear who adopts a gaggle of goslings because they think he’s their mother. Seriously??

This writer is not in favor of the new Illinois legislation that fights back against book bans, saying that it will just further undermine libraries.

Klamath County commissioners (OR) have canceled a library-sponsored social justice book club.

Hong Kong public libraries have pulled nine books related to the Tiananmen Square crackdown, in light of the approaching 34th anniversary.

Salman Rushdie has a message for book banners.

Books & Authors in the News

Jennette McCurdy is starting an Instagram book club.

Plus, 12 May book club picks from online book clubs.

Why Bigolas Dickolas is the best of Book Twitter.

Numbers & Trends

The best-selling books of the week.

TikTok users report reading 50% more because of BookTok.

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Award News

The 58th annual Nebula Award winners have been announced!

On the Riot

How to get involved with your local library.

5 recent vlog adaptations of books.

Overused words in book blurbs.

How about we just read and let read?

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—Katie McLain Horner, @kt_librarylady on Twitter.