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God, I Hate Shakespeare

Put down the pitchforks, English nerds, it’s just a musical reference. It seemed appropriate, since the closest I’ve come to reading Shakespeare is watching West Side Story (both versions). But I do know that we just passed the anniversary of his death, and that tomorrow is the anniversary of his baptism. So I reserved today’s Riot Recs just for the Bard!

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Bookish Goods

A tote bag covered in a collage of comic book covers and images

Comic Book Bag by TurningMercedes

This handy tote is a great shopping accessory, whether you’re buying groceries or more comics than you actually need. $20

New Releases

Outpost Zero cover

Outpost Zero: The Complete Collection by Sean Kelley McKeever and Alexandre Tefenkgi

Life in Outpost Zero, a small human colony on an inhospitable planet, has never been easy. Lately, however, things have gotten worse for Alea and her friends. In the wake of her friend’s suicide and a life-threatening storm, Alea will learn the devastating truth about her home.

Legend of Korra Ruins of the Empire Cover

The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire Omnibus by Bryan Konietzko, Michael Dante DiMartino, and Michelle Wong

Still miss The Legend of Korra? The story continues here — by the series creators, no less — in this collected edition of the Ruins of the Empire storyline! With the Earth Kingdom’s first elections just around the corner, Korra uncovers a plot to destroy the kingdom’s fragile peace. Can she and Kuvira stop it in time, or will they lose everything?

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: Romeo and Juliet! Shakespeare’s classic tale of doomed love has attracted a lot of attention among comic book creators. For instance:

Romeo and Juliet cover

Romeo and Juliet: The Graphic Novel by John McDonald and Will Volley

You don’t need me to summarize this one: the story of Romeo and Juliet, two kids in love but separated by their feuding families, is among the most famous stories ever told in any language. Immerse yourself in this graphic novel version of the timeless play!

W Juliet Vol 1 cover

W Juliet Volume One by Emura

Ito may be a tomboy, but that doesn’t mean she’s happy when she’s assigned to play Romeo in the school play. Meanwhile, Makoto, a pretty transfer student, is in the running to play Juliet — but has a big secret: Makoto is a boy disguising himself as a girl in an effort to get his father to approve of his acting ambitions. Needless to say, when Ito discovers Makoto’s secret, hijinks ensue!

Whether you like Shakespeare or just enjoy the soundtrack to Something Rotten!, Shakespeare undoubtedly had a huge influence on our literature. Who knows? Even our comics might not be the same without him!