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Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronted on School Shootings and Book Bans: Today in Books

New Project Seeks to Bring South Asian Literature to Western Readers

The cross-continental South Asian Literature in Translation (SALT) is launching a new project this summer. The project seeks to bring the “extraordinarily rich” literature of south Asia to English-speaking countries. SALT is a multi-year project set up by the University of Chicago, in partnership with the American Literary Translators Association, English PEN, Words Without Borders and the British Council. Daisy Rockwell, translator of the Hindi-language novel Tomb of Sand and a member of SALT’s advisory board, says she expects the impact of the program to be “enormous.” Rockwell says “there is a vibrant translation scene” in south Asia, especially India, but “scarcely any of this work gets published outside the subcontinent.” The SALT project will begin formally in July.

Metro Detroit Man Uncovers One of the Largest and Most Valuable Comic Book Collections in the Country

A Metro Detroit man has uncovered one of the largest and most valuable comic book collections in the country. His father kept his collection secret for over 50 years, but now what was once a source of shame has become a family’s pride. The full story will be featured in an upcoming documentary called Selling Superman.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Confronted on School Shootings and Book Bans

Members of Congress clashed in Washington earlier this week. Florida democrat Jared Moskowitz angrily confronted republican Marjorie Taylor Greene amid national grief and anger following the Nashville elementary school shooting. “There are six people who are dead in that school — including three children — because you guys got rid of the assault weapons ban,” Moskowitz said. “You guys are worried about banning books. Dead kids can’t read.”

10 Swoon-Worthy Bisexual Romance Books

Whatever you’re looking for in your next read, there’s a hopeful tale in each of these bisexual romance books.