The Stack

A Belated Celebration of Women’s History Month

We’re about halfway through Women’s History Month, which I totally did not forget about until now! You’ll find some great comics by and about women below…which, come to think of it, isn’t all that different from every issue of the Stack. But let’s celebrate anyway!

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A gold pendant shaped like Wonder Woman's logo with the name "Olivia" sitting on top of it

Custom Wonder Woman Pendant by BeautyName

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New Releases

The Dragon's Betrothed Vol 1 cover

The Dragon’s Betrothed Volume One by Meguru Hinohara

Chiharu is a writer just looking for some peace and quiet. Unfortunately, he gets the exact opposite when he is forced to marry Rin, a water dragon god! At times, it doesn’t seem like such a bad fate, but Rin is still a dragon. Chiharu will have to risk everything if he wants his life to be his own again.

The Sea in You cover

The Sea in You by Jessi Sheron

What girl hasn’t dreamed of meeting a mermaid at the beach? But the creature Corinth meets is no Disney princess: Skylla’s species eats people! Instead of having her for dinner, Skylla befriends Corinth, a move that leads to the greatest love the girls have ever known — and puts them in more danger than they can possibly imagine.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: women’s history! Here are two comics about amazing women from history that you should definitely know about.

Soviet Daughter cover

Soviet Daughter: A Graphic Revolution by Julia Alekseyeva

In this loving biography, Alekseyeva tells the story of her great-grandmother, Lola, a Ukrainian Jewish woman who survived some of the worst atrocities of the 20th century, joined the Soviet Army, and eventually moved to America, where she fostered a special relationship with troubled Julia.

The Courageous Six Triple Eight cover

The Courageous Six Triple Eight: The All-Female Black Battalion of World War II by Dr. Artika R. Tyner and Cynthia Paul

The U.S. Army was still segregated in World War II, meaning that the all-Black, all-female Six Triple Eight had to deal with racism as well as sexism as they performed their all-important duties: making sure that soldiers at the front received morale-boosting mail from home.

A white-and-brown Havanese wearing a pink bandanna

This has nothing to do with Women’s History Month, but here, enjoy this photo of my dog Poppy from right after she came back from the groomer. My neighbor says she looks like Falkor from The Never-Ending Story, but I’m not sure I see it!