The Stack

You’ll Howl for These Comics

In a good way, I hope! The joke in the title will totally make sense once you get to the Riot Recs, but in the meantime, why not enjoy these other fantastic comic bookish things?

Bookish Goods

A gray t-shirt listing several superheroes and then the ordinary name "Coleman"

Custom Superhero T-shirt by ShopBlakeRuby

Got a superhero in your life? Give them this shirt to remind them of the excellent company they are in! $26+

New Releases

Skull Cat and the Curious Castle cover

Skull Cat and the Curious Castle by Norman Shurtliff

Scully is the new gardener at Le Dark Chateau, a creepy old castle supposedly haunted by all manner of supernatural creatures — creatures that have now absconded with all of Scully’s coworkers! Can he pluck up the courage to rescue them?


SCRAMBLUES by mame march

Eddie is a rock star with a stereotypically difficult reputation. Haru is the graphic artist assigned to design Eddie’s next CD jacket. As the unlikely duo spends more time together, Haru begins to realize just how the real Eddie differs from his public persona…and how much he likes what he sees behind the mask.

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Riot Recommendations

Today’s Riot Rec theme is: wolves! They’re like really big puppies! Reading these comics is probably safer than trying to hug a wolf. Except if you get a bad papercut, those are nasty.

Snowlands A Blood Moon cover

Snowlands: A Blood Moon by Morr Meroz and Collin Fogel

As an unlucky white wolf, Feba gets the blame for everything that goes wrong with her pack, which abandons her to the elements after all of the other cubs disappear. She is reluctantly rescued by Usha, a snow leopard on the hunt for her missing son. What’s happened to the baby animals? Feba, Usha, and their friend Batu will have to find out!

squad book cover

Squad by Maggie Tokuda-Hall and Lisa Sterle

Technically, this one is about werewolves, but it still counts, right? In this YA tale, Becca is delighted to be accepted by the most popular girls at her new high school. Even after she finds out they are werewolves, she remains loyal, allowing them to turn her so she, too, can hunt down the school’s predatory male students. But how far is Becca really willing to go in the name of friendship and justice?

A Havanese in a black-and-white sweater and a small black beret

I will close with a picture of my own little wolf, who looks very stylish in my American Girl doll’s beret!