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Today’s pick is a fun escapist novel if you’re looking for something that will take your mind off of reality for a few hours. I like Sophie Kinsella’s books because they’re really easy to slip into and they’re always good for some fun drama and happy resolutions.

The Party Crasher cover

The Party Crasher by Sophie Kinsella

In the two years since her parents got divorced, Effie has been unable to truly come to terms with how drastically her life has changed. Things aren’t helped by the fact that her dad has begun dating a younger woman named Trista, who is truly awful…and as a result, Effie has become estranged from her dad. When she learns that her dad and Trista are selling her beloved childhood home and throwing one last party, Effie is devastated. When she’s left off the party guest list, she’s hurt. But then she remembers a beloved childhood memento is hidden in the house, and her last chance to rescue it will be sneaking into the party…and Effie learns all sorts of surprising things about her parents, siblings, and one-time love when they don’t think she’s around.

This is kind of a cheesy premise, but it totally grabbed me. I liked the setting of the sprawling Victorian house, called Greenoaks, that is the center of this family and their conflicts. Being an old and quirky house, there are plenty of nooks and crannies for Effie to hide in, making her plan to steal inside, grab her childhood memento, and then slip away again seem plausible. But of course, nothing goes according to plan because who wouldn’t want to eavesdrop on so many party conversations? The sibling relationship in this book was nicely done, with each of them figuring out how to process the loss of their childhood home. Trista was definitely the type of character you love to hate, and readers will be right with Effie and her siblings in their hatred of her as Trista paints over their mom’s kitchen and sells off their childhood furniture. Although the family drama is at the center of this book, there is a lovely little second-chance romance that offers Effie a little perspective and distraction from the current heartbreak. The story takes place over the course of a single day, and Kinsella packs a lot of emotion and confrontations (and a few reconciliations), making this a heartfelt book about confronting change and holding on to memories as you move toward the future.

Happy reading!

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