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Alice Oseman Says HEARTSTOPPER Season 2 Will Explore Isaac’s Asexuality: Today in Books

Christina Lauren Announces Five-Year Anniversary Edition of Love and Other Words

To celebrate the five-year anniversary of Love and Other Words, Christina Lauren has announced a special hardcover edition of the book. The special edition will include hand signed tip-in sheets, exclusive never before seen chapters in Elliot’s POV, and a special edition double-sided dust jacket. 10% of proceeds benefit RAINN, the largest nonprofit anti-sexual assault organization in the US. Copies will ship in May, and you can preorder the book here.

Alice Oseman Says Heartstopper Season 2 Will Explore Isaac’s Asexuality

During an interview with Attitude, Heartstopper author Alice Oseman teased some of the things fans should expect to see in the second season of Netflix’s adaptation. Most notably, Oseman confirmed that the character Isaac (played by Tobie Donovan) is asexual and that this will be explored in season 2. “Netflix will hate me for spilling, but yes, asexuality will be discussed on TV in a big way,” Oseman said, “I’m excited. I hope it’ll change the world. I hope when it happens in Heartstopper it doesn’t feel like a lesson. You know Isaac, you care about him, and now you’re going to learn something new about him.”

Mena Massoud to Produce First Ever Foreign Language Stephen King Adaptation

Aladdin star Mena Massoud will be producing the first-ever foreign language adaptation of Stephen King’s work. The short film The Last King is in Farsi and set in Iran. The film stars Iranian-American actors such as international comedian Maz Jobrani and Sheila Ommi, star of Tehran.

The Risks and Rewards of Giving Annotated Books As Gifts

Gifting an annotated book can be a token of connection…or it can be one full of potential cringe.