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Hi Kid Lit Friends,

Whew, 2023, amiright? It’s not been the most auspicious start to my new year, but I’m hoping things will look up soon. How are you all doing?

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Bookish Goods

Standing wooden bookshelf

Tree 6 Shelf Bookshelf by Georgeofthedessert

I love anything that holds books, and this one is special because it’s so beautiful. I can see this being a nice piece in the living room or nursery for easy access to your most favorite books. $80

New Releases

Knitting for Dogs cover

Knitting for Dogs by Laurel Molk

Izzy is a young kid who loves to knit, but the garments she makes don’t really fit the way they should. She tries over and over again, and nothing is quite right. But then she discovers that one of the sweaters fits her dog Max perfectly. Can she find homes for the rest of her sweaters? I am someone who enjoys knitting and who has tried (and failed) to make sweaters many times, so I found this book funny and very enjoyable!

This Is Not My Home cover

This is Not My Home by Eugenia Yoh and Vivienne Chang

When Lily gets news that she has to leave the country she’s always lived for Taiwan, she is NOT happy. She misses American food, her American friends, and her American fireflies. But Taiwan is her mom’s home and her grandma’s home, so she gets on an airplane and ends up in an unfamiliar country. Will Taiwan ever feel like home?

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Riot Recommendations

There have been so many books out in the last few months with art themes. Here are some you will want to put on your reading list!

Woven of the World cover

Woven of the World by Katey Howes, art by Dinara Mirtalipova (picture book, Chronicle Books, 2/7)

The illustrations in this beautiful book shine as they tell the story of the time-honored tradition of weaving. As a young girl learns how to weave, she reflects on the craftsmanship and how it’s been a part of her past and will be a part of her future.

Meowsterpieces cover

Meowsterpieces: A Cat’s Guide to Art… and Life! by Jenn Bailey, illustrations by Nyangsongi (picture book)

This playful and fun book reimagines great artwork integrated with…cats? I enjoyed every page turn. Trust me, you haven’t experienced the fullness of life until you’ve seen Under The Wave Off Kanagawa with cats fishing in the roaring sea.

Doodleville cover

Doodleville: Art Attacks! by Chad Sell (graphic novel)

Creator of The Cardboard Kingdom, Chad Sell is back with the second installment of Doodleville. When her doodles start creating mayhem at the Art Institute of Chicago, Drew finds herself as Public Enemy #1. Can Drew and the Art Club make things right before priceless artwork is destroyed forever?

Hands cover

Hands by Torrey Maldonado

Torrey Maldonado is one of my favorite middle grade authors (check out the book Tight!). In Hands, Trev is stressed because his violent stepdad is coming back, and Trev knows he needs to protect his mom. He decides to learn how to box, but not everyone thinks this is a great idea. Trev is a gifted artist, and his hands are an important path to a better future. But what choice does Trev have?

Tree cats lying on a bed underneath a bookcase

What are you reading these days?

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