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Warm Bookish Blankets and Reading Goals

Hello and welcome (back) to the Kissing Books newsletter! I’m PN Hinton, and I’m your guide through the rollercoaster world of romance. We’ve almost made it through another week, y’all! Huzzah!

Next week is Thanksgiving, which is mind-boggling to think about it. I am not yet sure of my plans for the day, as I’m holding out hope that my blood family, who I haven’t seen as a whole since December of 2019, will do something. It’s been hard, I won’t lie. That said, not one but two of my aunties have also made declarations that they’re tired of not seeing their family as well. So, silver lining there is that if it doesn’t happen for Turkey Day, it will most likely happen for Christmas.

I finished Dowry’s Meadow (which fair warning ends on a cliff hanger) and started the follow up Dowry’s Punishment. It’s a banana pants plot and, full disclosure, not what I would call historically accurate in a handful of ways. But I’m having fun with it and that alone makes it gold-star worthy. I also started The Kiss Curse to buddy read with one of my romance besties and am enjoying that.

Bookish Goods

picture of Gothic Romance Blanket

Gothic Romance Blanket by fuglybarbie

We’ve had our first real cold snap of the season where I live. So, naturally, I immediately started thinking of ways to bundle up. And yes I turned on my heat already and have no shame at it. Even though I’m still pretty much a novice in the world of Gothic Romance, this blanket spoke to me. Not only does it look warm as all get out, but I love the design on it and it’s perfect for curling up next to a fire or rain-spattered window to indulge in whatever your current book is. Priced at $35.

New Releases

cover of Her Vixen Actress

Her Vixen Actress by Violet Cowper

Grace is an aspiring actress in England in 1782 but is not finding any luck at all. That is, until she encounters Frances, a playwright who may just be able to provide her the opportunity she needs. When Frances decides to give her a chance she is rewarded with a kiss that leaves her breathless but scared to pursue more. However, when a wealthy man enters wanting to be Grace’s patron, will Frances stop denying her unexpected desire for Grace or lose her forever? TW: mentions situations of non-dubious consent between other characters.

cover of Securing Ava

Securing Ava by Anne Shade

All Ava has wanted her entire life is to carry on her family’s legacy, going so far as to enter into a fake engagement with a man she doesn’t like or even trust. When she believes him to be part of an attempt to hurt her father, she goes on the run. Paige is the PI who is hired to find her, and she’s determined to do just that; at least until she witnesses a failed kidnapping attempt. Then she decides to focus on keeping Ava safe while they try to simultaneously find out who is threatening her family and ignore the feelings quickly developing between them.

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Riot Recommendations

We’re halfway through November now which means for those of us who choose to set a reading goal, we’re coming down close to the wire. Now, I will say that if you’ve not met your reading goal yet, that is fine. It’s your challenge to yourself and it’s for fun. You shouldn’t beat yourself up if you fall short. And yes, I am also including myself in that kind reprimand because in the past, I’ve been guilty of this.

Now, I’ve already met my goal since I was more pragmatic this year and set a modest goal of 52 books. That way, it averaged to one a week. Now, my goal is to read at least half, if not more, of the books that I’ve obtained this year. Which leads to recommendations for today, which have no other connection apart from they are ones I really want to make a point of finishing before the year rolls over to 2023. Hopefully, this will also help you if you’re in the same boat and pick at least two, if not more, you want to get to as well.

cover of Book Boyfriend

Book Boyfriend by Kris Ripper

I’m a fan of the slow burn and pining, especially if the ‘payoff’ is worth it and has me fanning myself. So, I’m eager to read about PK who puts his unrequited love for his friend Art in a book that becomes a best-seller, and having to deal with the effects of Art realizing he was PK’s muse. Additionally, I really enjoyed The Hate Project by this author so when I heard about the premise for this one, I was sold on zir name alone.

cover of Bet on It by Jodie Slaughter; illustration of a Black woman and a blonde white man holding a large bongo card with hearts across the center

Bet On It by Jodie Slaughter

And for this one, I was sold on the fact that the meet-cute was in a Piggly Wiggly and that they go on Bingo dates. I also really appreciate this recent trend in romance novels that deal with heavier, not darker, topics. I know it’s not for everyone; I think that mourning or dealing with an ill family member is an unavoidable aspect of a relationship and reading how it’s handled in romance novels especially can be helpful.

Surprisingly, this seemingly random ‘pick a name’ quiz guessed my partner’s initial.

Here are some romance novels where the heroine is the one who makes the first move.

And that’s alll I have for y’all today. I’ll be back in your inboxes on Monday with another new edition of the newsletter. Until then, you can still find me over on Twitter under @PScribe801. Until then, happy reading and stay hydrated.