Fall Into Mystery Audiobooks

Hello, Audiophiles! Today’s mystery day! I love a good mystery, and as fall is just around the corner, I’m starting to feel the itch to read more chilling and thrilling stories. Performing a mystery can be a challenge, but there are many great audiobook narrators who do it so well! I would love to hear more of your favorite mysteries, so definitely reach out if there are some you’d like to recommend!

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New Releases

A graphic of the cover Murder in Westminster

Murder in Westminister: A Riveting Regency Historical Mystery by Vanessa Riley | Narrated by Chanté McCormick

From the master of historical novels, Vanessa Riley, comes Murder at Westminster. When Abigail Worthington’s neighbor is murdered, she worries that she will be under suspicion. But she can’t reveal her alibi: she was at a secret abolition meeting. Now she must figure out who murdered her neighbor to avoid suspicion.

A graphic of the cover of Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney

Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney | Narrated by Stephanie Racine

When Daisy’s entire family gathers for her grandmother’s 80th birthday party, tensions rise as they wait to hear who’s going to inherit the grandmother’s fortune. But then, at midnight, they find her grandmother dead. Now locked in the mansion together, they must sort out who the murderer is. But as more family members are killed off one by one, Daisy worries that she’ll be next.

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Riot Recommendations

A graphic of the cover of Shutter by Ramona Emerson

Shutter by Ramona Emerson | Narrated by Charley Flyte

Rita Todacheene works as a crime scene photographer for the Albuquerque police force. She’s the best photographer they have, but there’s a reason for that: Rita can see the ghosts of the dead. Rita was raised on the Navajo reservation by her grandmother, who tried to teach her not to talk to the spirits that she saw. But Rita can’t seem to help it. She just wants them to rest and leave her alone, and the spirits always seem quite persistent. The novel jumps back and forth between Rita working on cases in the present day and her childhood living with her grandmother.

Admittedly, I am a sucker for a story where people can see ghosts. There’s just something delightfully creepy about the set up for me. I loved Rita as a character. She’s not the gung ho type. She’d rather not be solving crime or taking photos of the aftermaths of violent attacks. But she needs a job. She’s practical and down to earth — at least, as practical as one can be when they see ghosts. Charley Flyte does an excellent job performing the audiobook. She perfectly captures Rita’s narrative voice, striking just the right balance between the exposition parts of the novel and the character’s emotional depth.

A graphic of the cover of The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie by Alan Bradley | Narrated by Jayne Entwistle

In the English countryside in the summer of 1950, Flavia finds a dead man in the yard of her family’s crumbling manor home. Soon her father is suspected for the murder and Flavia must solve the crime and clear her father’s name. Jayne Entwistle is the perfect choice of narrator for Flavia, who is far too straightforward and practical for her years. She adores chemistry, especially all things poisons and poison compounds. Flavia imagines herself a woman of science, and Entwistle performs Flavia’s perspective with all the brusk British nature that Flavia’s story requires. If you like this book, then you should definitely check out the other ten books in the series.

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Happy listening, bookish friends!

~ Kendra