Epic Update: March 14, 2022

Happy Monday, Epic Insiders! If you’re like me, you’re grumbling about Daylight Saving (more coffee, please). But if you’re also like me, you’re planning to figure out a pie situation in honor of Pi(e) Day to make up for it. The Book Riot staff is certainly feeling festive — Jenn made a berry crumble, Rebecca is making Bailey’s pecan butter tartlets, Vanessa is planning on picking up a pie from her favorite local pie shop, and the rest of us are inspired (and drooling). Here are this week’s epic updates:

We’ve got the replay/recap posted of our Catherine House group read, so check it out and feel free to leave a comment to continue the conversation if you couldn’t make it live!

— I’m up for What Are You Reading? hoping to balance my reading time a little bit better across this week.

Finally, is anyone here a Eurovision fan? I got very into it last year and am enjoying checking out all the songs for this year’s contest (happening in May). It’s always a chaotic mixed bag of gorgeous, missing the mark, and just…bananas.

Stay constant π,