New Books

Hooray, It’s Time for New Books!

Happy Tuesday, book nerds! It’s time for another round up of great new books, and if you thought last week was awesome, wait until you get a load of this week’s releases! I’m also extra excited to get my hands on copies of Miss Meteor by Anna-Marie McLemore and Tehlor Kay Mejia, Well Played by Jen DeLuca, and White Fox by Sara Faring.

Be sure to catch Liberty and Patricia on today’s episode of All the Books! They discuss the new book by Allie Brosh, Hench by Natalie Zina Walschots, and more!

And Now She’s Gone by Rachel Howzell Hall

This is a novel about a woman gone missing, and the woman tasked with tracking her down. Isabel Lincoln disappears, and it’s up to Grayson to find her. But as Grayson is going to find out, Isabel doesn’t want to be found–she has some dark secrets that have sent her running, and if Grayson continues to look for her, both women are going to have to face the consequences.

Backlist bump: Want to try Rachel Howzell Hall in paperback? Pick up her thriller They All Fall Down, an And Then There Were None style mystery!

The Left-Handed Booksellers of London by Garth Nix

In an alternate 1983 London, Susan is looking for her missing father. She’s never met him, but she thinks that talking to a crime boss can lead to answers. Instead, it leads her to the booksellers of London, magical beings who protect the Old World ways of magic in addition to selling books. Booksellers Merlin and Vivien are looking for the person responsible for their mother’s murder, and they find their search overlapping with Susan’s.

Backlist bump: I’m also a huge fan of Nix’s lesser known and under appreciated book, Newt’s Emerald! It’s a magical Regency-era mystery!

The Book of Two Ways by Jodi Picoult

This is the story of Dawn, who is on a plane when the flight attendant tells them to prepare for a crash landing. What goes through her mind immediately isn’t thoughts of her family at home, but of Wyatt, a man she loved two decades ago. Dawn survives the crash, and then is given a choice: return to Boston, or head to Egypt where she last saw Wyatt when she was studying archaeology. This is a book that explores both of her choices, and the meaning of life and how the choices we make that can shape our lives in profound ways.

Happy reading!