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Study Finds Kids Prefer These Stories: Today In Books

Study Finds Kids Prefer These Stories

Any parent of a young child knows the question “why” well. And while it may be annoying to constantly be asked why over everything it’s kids’ way of learning and understanding everything that is essentially new to them. Turns out they feel the same way about storybooks: the journal Frontiers in Psychology published a study (based on 48 children ages 3 and 4) that found children prefer books that explain how the world around them functions.

Tom Hardy Reads Again

The English actor Tom Hardy will return to Bedtime Stories: Beginning April 27th Hardy and Blue, his French bulldog, will read 6 books for CBeebies, the BBC pre-school channel. The first book he’ll read is Hug Me by Simone Ciraolo.

We Need Diverse Books Starts Emergency Fund

Many are feeling the financial strain caused by the current pandemic and are in need of assistance. The nonprofit organization created with the goal of making kid’s publishing and books inclusive, We Need Diverse Books, has created an emergency fund in hopes of helping 70 diverse authors, illustrators, and professionals in publishing due to lost income. They’re also accepting donations for anyone who would like to add to the emergency fund.