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Bye-Bye Library Ebook Embargo: Today In Books

Bye-Bye Library Ebook Embargo

Macmillan publishers had angered librarians, patrons, and bibliophiles last year when it decided to implement an embargo on its new ebook releases with libraries. Macmillan just announced it has eliminated the embargo, including on new releases. Libraries closing because of the current COVID-19 outbreak and patrons turning more to ebook lending certainly played a role in this decision. Time will tell if the new model also wasn’t working for them financially and if they’ll leave it alone or try again later.

Join In and Help Write the Great Librarian Novel

The Twitter account “Fake Librarian Statistics” (“Tweets from a real librarian. Not currently wearing a cardigan.”) has created and shared a Google Doc for everyone to join in and write a book together. As of me writing this, there are four chapters written so go have some fun and read what has been written so far and/or join in and write the next page or chapter.

Physical Books No Longer A Priority At Amazon

Amazon informed third-party sellers that its current focus, and warehouse space, will be designated for “household staples, medical supplies and other high-demand products.” While they are hiring 100,000 additional warehouse and delivery workers for the recent demand, as everyone is buying supplies online during social distancing, the focus will only be for prioritized products at the moment and no other products will be accepted at Amazon fulfillment centers until April 5th.