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Disney Paid How Much for HAMILTON Film? Today In Books

Disney Paid How Much for Hamilton Film?

Disney is as excited as us to see the Hamilton film–with original cast!–or they’re betting on how big it’ll be and willing to pay all the money for it. They paid $75 million dollars and it’s being speculated that that’s the highest ever paid for a finished film. I can’t wait for the theatrical release and Disney+ streaming drop of the “2 hour, 40 minute movie, which was shot two weeks before the original cast left.”

#DignidadLiteraria Did That!

Critics of the novel American Dirt, who created #DignidadLiteraria (Literary dignity), met with the publisher, Macmillan (Flatiron is one of its imprints), to discuss necessary changes in publishing. After the meeting it was announced that Macmillan will not only expand Latinx representation in books published, but also in its staff, and create an action plan that will be held accountable through further meetings with #DignidadLiteraria. Very much here for the accountability part. Also, writer and journalist Roberto Lovato, who as in the meeting, posted that he got confirmation that the author Jeanine Cummins did not receive death threats.

And For Your Ears

The 2020 Audie Award Finalists have been announced! If you never know what audiobook to pick up or spend a credit on, I can tell you the entire memoir section was super good (especially Becoming and From Scratch), and for true crime/history fans Furious Hours is great. Red At the Bone is fantastic, as is Jacqueline Woodson‘s catalog, and ditto for With the Fire on High. Oh, and if you were obsessed with Behind The Music, definitely pick up Daisy Jones & The Six. And if you need some happily ever after, The Bride Test (an all time favorite audiobook) and Red, White & Royal Blue are perfect picks. Did I mention there are a lot of great audiobooks on this list?