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Get Beverly Jenkins’s DESTINY’S EMBRACE On Sale

January has been ten thousand years long, but it’s almost over. Almost. A bunch of good-looking books came out this week, so let’s get to it.

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Cover of Destiny's CaptiveIf you’re making your way through Beverly Jenkins’s backlist, the entire Destiny trilogy, starting with Destiny’s Embrace, is 1.99 right now. These were the first Beverly Jenkins books I read, which led me to dig up years’ worth of her backlist and read every new release. The Yates brothers and the women they fall in love with (and their extended families) are all delightful people, and I hope you take the chance to get to know them. Not only was this my first Jenkins, this was my first Reconstruction-era romance ever. I learned a lot.

New Books

cover of Whiteout by Adriana AndersWhiteout
Adriana Anders

A chef and a scientist trapped on Antarctica after an attack on the research station where they both work. This is not only a romantic suspense novel, but it’s between two people who don’t particularly like each other (!!!) who are stuck together (!!!) and have to work together to survive the deadly tundra they’ve found themselves in. I might have to take a few weeks before I read this one, because I’ve been watching The Magicians and am just going to think about antarctic fox/fox sex if I read it too soon.

The Lord I Left
Scarlett Peckham

There’s been this whole thing on Twitter recently about whether social media sells books, and I can tell you I know about this book because of this tweet. There’s a minister who works with sex workers and “London’s most notorious whipping governess” whatever that might mean. Not only is there snow, but there’s a road trip. Scarlett writes lots of kinky sexytimes, so I’m sure this one will be no different.

cover of then, now, always by Mona SchroffThen, Now, Always
Mona Schroff

This cover has been around for a while and I’m delighted every time I see it. I will say that if people never telling people they have children is a thing that doesn’t work for you, don’t read this one, as the whole premise is set around it. Maya is a successful lawyer who gets into some trouble and needs Sam, the father of her teenaged daughter. Like I said, he doesn’t know he’s a father, but comes back into Maya’s life for him and Samantha, and to also help her with her legal troubles.

There were a lot of other books that came out this week. What are you picking up for the weekend?

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