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World’s Oldest Illustrated Book Discovered: Today In Books

World’s Oldest Illustrated Book Discovered

Egyptologists have discovered the Book of Two Ways, 4,000-year-old writing inscribed on the walls of sarcophagi meant to assist the dead through the underworld. “…Willems believes this newly identified ‘Book of Two Ways’ is at least four decades older than any of the two dozen previously known versions of the text.” This is definitely how an adventure movie starts.

Hansel and Gretel Retelling Leads To Author Charged With Child Porn

Canadian author Yvan Godbout’s retelling of Hansel And Gretel has a sexual assault scene involving a minor that lead a reader to call the authorities, which then resulted in the author and his publisher, Nycolas Doucet, being arrested. The case, set to go to trial in September in Quebec, is the first time a work of prose has lead to an author having Canada’s child pornography laws brought against them.

Gretel & Hansel Trailer

In completely unrelated to the above story the film Gretel & Hansel, based on the folklore tale of siblings that stumble upon a witches home in the woods, has a trailer! The dark fantasy horror film will be in theaters on January 31st and stars Sophia Lillis and Sam Leakey.