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Watch Megan Abbott’s DARE ME Now!: Today In Books

Watch Megan Abbott’s Dare Me Now!

Ahead of its December 29th TV premiere USA Network has streamed the first episode of Megan Abbott’s Dare Me Adaptation. The novel, and show, center around a group of high school cheerleaders, their new coach, and a murder–and it’s deliciously perfect like all of Abbott’s work. Watch the full first episode, Coup D’État!

Nerding Over Data

Clearly because The New York Public Library loves me, they’ve released the data on their top 10 most checked out books for the year. It’s separated by system-wide and then by branches: Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

Oh Look: More Nerding Over Data

Take the above NYPL most checked out books list and compare it to the D.C. Public Library’s list of most checked out books of the year. This list got separated by fiction, nonfiction, print, ebook, and magazines.