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Tournament of Books Shortlist: Today In Books

Tournament of Books Shortlist

Playing off of March Madness, Tournament of Books pits two books against each other each week of March, with one advancing to the next round, until there’s just one book–the winner-standing! And we now have the shortlist for the 2020 matches. I love so many books on this list; every round is going to be filled with celebration and heartbreak.

Another Shortlist!

This time for the Oscars: Hair Love has made the shortlist for the 92nd Academy Awards in the Animated Short Film category. You can see the short film here and you can pick up a copy of the book Hair Love by Matthew A. Cherry, Vashti Harrison (Illustrator).

Apple TV+ Now Has Books

Apple TV+’s bookish show Ghostwriter, a remake of the ’90s show, now has books to go along with the show. First up are classics with the Ghostwriter branding on them (The Jungle Book and Alice in Wonderland), and coming very soon are original stories that will include puzzles, vocabulary guides, and reading games.