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Drunk Tom Holland To The Spidey Rescue: Today In Books

Drunk Tom Holland To The Spidey Rescue

Tom Holland had a chat with Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he discussed his role in the recent situation where Disney and Sony couldn’t come to terms and it looked like Spider-Man’s new film series (starring Holland) would be leaving the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It involved a call between a drunk and crying Holland and Disney CEO Bob Iger.

Book Banned

Someone to Run With by David Grossman has been banned in Russia. Attorney Pavel Astakhov, the Russian Federation’s Children’s Rights Commissioner’s reason for the ban is a real head-scratcher: “distribution of this sort of literature with no age restriction increases the rates of teenage pregnancy, single motherhood, and sexually transmitted diseases.”

The Outsider

Stephen King’s latest (or one of) adaptation, The Outsider, will premiere on HBO on January 12th and we now have a trailer! It stars Jason Bateman as the accused killer of a child, except evidence places him in two places at once…