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Jessica Gao Will Write Jennifer Walters: Today In Books

Disney+ She-Hulk Series Names Its Showrunner

The “Pickle Rick” episode of Rick and Morty is epic, and Emmy-winning. And the writer responsible for it will now be responsible for the Disney+ She-Hulk series. Congrats, Jessica Gao!

Updated Adaptation of H. G. Wells

Elisabeth Moss is all about those terrifying literary adaptations lately, huh? I say this after watching the trailer for Invisible Man, loosely based on H. G. Wells’s serialized novel The Invisible Man.

She’s Evil, but Also a Style Icon

There’s lots to take away from the film version of Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, but at least one person is fixating on the villain’s boho wardrobe. Spoilers here (but also maybe the beginnings of a mood board).