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Women Wrote Earlier Than Supposed

In a classic case of people finding ways for history to leave out certain people, a new book by Diane Watt’s contends that women were writing before the late middle ages–the time English women’s writing is first dated. In Women, Writing and Religion in England and Beyond, 650–1100 Watt’s argues that some anonymous texts were probably written by women and works written by women were rewritten by men.

Get A Warehouse Of Tissues

Tembi Locke’s memoir, From Scratch, will be a Netflix limited series starring and produced by Zoe Saldana with Attica Locke, Tembi’s sister and crime author, as showrunner and executive producer. The story is about Tembi falling in love with a Sicilian man, his family not approving because she’s Black, him dying from an illness, and her connecting with his family. Tissues. Lots of tissues. Also, the adaptation will be amazing because of the Locke sisters–so much talent!

Indian Government Revokes Writer’s Citizenship Doc Over Article

After writing an article titled India’s Divider in Chief that criticized the Indian government in Time magazine, Aatish Taseer received an email from the Consulate General of India in New York stating his OCI card had been cancelled by the Government of India. The OCI card (Overseas Citizenship of India) “allows foreign citizens of Indian heritage to live and work in India indefinitely – Taseer was born to an Indian mother and grew up in the country.”