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Reading Vigils For Book Launch: Today In Books

Reading Vigils For Book Launch

Elena Ferrante’s fans are holding reading vigils across Italy in anticipation for the release of her new book: La Vita Bugiarda Degli Adulti / The Lying Life of Adults. “’I have a feeling that the phenomenon is bigger abroad than it is in Italy,’ said Laura Della Pietra, an avid fan who grew up in Rione Luzzatti. ‘People have been coming from all over the world. Ferrante talks about simple things that can be recognised by everyone.’” Book excitement is the best!

Sex Positive Feminist Merch!

Romance author Sarah MacLean has a merchandise line with Jordandené set to officially release in February 2020. But you don’t have to wait that long: Read Romance Fight Patriarchy and Gracefully Furious are already on t-shirts and mugs to purchase now. Take my money!

Time To Fly!

Or get pushed off a cliff. Not sure yet. But here’s the trailer for Wendy, a wildly reimagined film based on the story of Peter Pan. The Fox Searchlight film will be in theaters February 28, 2020.