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Happy Thursday, KB! We’re getting closer and closer to Halloween, and I might be done with my spooky reads by then but I can’t guarantee it.

Over on Book Riot

Trisha and I talked about book clubs and social issues in romance. Maybe the connection the two could have in the future. Also, if you ever wanted some books about the history of romance, have we got the list for you in the shownotes.

Vampire romance manga? Yes, please!

Trisha also made a case for indies to carry romance, with a few recommendations for a starter kit. If you know some indie booksellers who have been…hesitant to sell romance, steer them towards this article.

Do you have any burning questions for Jasmine Guillory? Annika did.

And check out this Reading Pathway for Christina Lauren.

This isn’t romance related, but you’ll be really glad you clicked on it.


interceptedIf you haven’t yet picked up your own copy of Intercepted by Alexa Martin, it’s 2.99 right now. This first in a series about football players and the women who love them, even when they’re being just…the worst, is a nice blend of fun and feels. If you start now, you’ll be done with Fumbled by the time Blitzed comes out in December!

New Books!

There are a lot of new books out, but honestly I just want to do what Trisha has been doing for the past several months:

Yell about The Widow of Rose House!

cover of The Widow of Rose House by Diana BillerThe Widow of Rose House
Diana Biller

Alva Webster is a widow. Not just that: she’s a scandalous widow. Even before the death of her husband, stories had circulated all over the New York Elite about her blasphemous life on the continent. Now that she’s returned to the US, she has bought a decrepit house to the north of the city, planning to refurbish it and use it as the subject of an interior decorating book. And she’s been ignoring the theories that the house is haunted.

Who hasn’t, though, is Professor Samuel Moore. Electrical engineer, inventor, all around absentminded genius. (When I first learned of this book, the publicist gushing about it described Sam as Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters, but actually brilliant.) The first time he approaches Alva about investigating her ghost, she blows him off. But he continues, and eventually she finds that she can’t ignore him, for both their sakes. As the two spend more time together, they can’t help their attraction, and there is plenty of steam to go with the spook.

All in all, this book is just delightful. There’s funny, freaky, and feels. I do have to include a CW for past spousal abuse, blackmail, discussion of parental neglect and wrongful incarceration, PTSD, medium level steam, and a bit of ghostly horror.

cover of Bear With Me by Lucy EdenI’ve also started reading Bear With Me (November 1) by Lucy Eden, which is definitely a different kind of book. Celestine is an influencer who makes her money with sponsored posts and talent appearances. After her boyfriend breaks up with her, only to get engaged shortly after, a meltdown leaves her in serious hot water. With an order from her People to get her shit together, she heads to a cabin resort in the Catskills to reset. And the grumpy gus running the resort isn’t hard on the eyes, even if he’s weirdly exasperating.

I’m a little behind, so I haven’t gotten to all the upcoming releases I’m excited for:

cover of Most Ardently by Susan Mesmer-EvansMost Ardently by Susan Mesler-Evans
Hard Chrome by Vanessa North
Autumn Falls by Tiye Love
Dukes, Actually by Erica Ridley
Heartsong by TJ Klune
Fire & Ice by Rachel Spangler

I’m sure I’ve missed some other ones that are on my list, but it happens, right?

What are you reading this weekend?

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