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Relive The Scholastic Book Fair! Today In Books

Relive The Scholastic Book Fair!

Book nerds only need a momentary mention about the Scholastic Book Fair, or any childhood book fair, for immediate nostalgic bubbly feelings. Now thanks to Penguin Random House if you’re in NY on November 23rd, and 21 or older, you can come close to that feeling again as they’re hosting their first-ever grown-up only Book Fair! I don’t know if I’m more excited about the books, awkward school photo booth, or custom MadLibs?!

Get Your Game On!

Green Ronin Publishing is creating a role-playing game based on N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth series to release in fall of 2020! “‘I’ve heard from many of my readers that they’re fascinated enough by the world of the Broken Earth that they’d like to visit it (nobody wants to live there tho!) and now they’ll get their chance,’ said N.K. Jemisin.”

Ronan Farrow Book Podcast

Everyone wanting Farrow and his new book Catch and Kill to go away are getting the opposite: Farrow will have a podcast with continuing evidence and details including interviews with people he spoke with regarding the allegations of sexual predators (Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer) and the people in power who protected them. “…Farrow interviewing the man who was hired to spy on Farrow, at Weinstein’s instruction, before becoming the reporter’s ally.”